5 Exciting Days Computer Monitoring from Remote Employee’s POV

We all know for a fact that remote working has become like the new NORM, thanks to the COVID 19 pandemic that hit the entire globe. This also means that remote worker monitoring has become extremely important and hence the need for remote working equipment and techniques.

     People are slowly getting used to remote working from home over all these months.  Gone are the days when people had to travel far distances to visit offices.  With quarantine days ahead for few more months, there were few challenges that people had faced during these months.

Let us now find out more about the five exciting days computer monitoring has helped people considerably.

People no longer have to arrive on-premises and key in their hours.  However, many people are distracted at home by their neighbours, pets, relatives and so on.  Few of them just want to be away from the prying eyes of the management’s control.

Day 1

It could either be a thrilling experience or a complete privacy invasion. It depends on how one takes it.   After creating a new account, the new work software is installed on the computer and with the help of a consultant, it is now possible to work from home in a less stressful manner.  The program is evaluated based on whether the employee is productive or not.

Day 2

Day 2 is that of accomplishment and excitement wherein people want to just embrace the feeling and want to do really well.  It is really not very easy to work continuously for hours together without any distractions whatsoever.  People who work from home can now take fewer breaks well in advance.  Also, it is not easy to work without any distractions at home and a tracker helps in tracking the productivity and efficiency of the employees. The result is slightly better than the previous day and it makes sense to concentrate on the job.

Day 3

Nervous feelings

Feelings of nervousness crop in when you tend to improve your results by learning something new.   Many a times, when you want to improve your results, things may not pan out in the right manner.  People tend to mull over a specific task and then sketch the same thing on a paper to get clarity.

Day 4

Quiet and peace

There is a lot of peace when it comes to working from home.  Even if it means being on Zoom and holding other conferences, there is a sense of comfort associated with it.

Day 5

It could a be little torturous and hectic as well.  It varies from person to person and day in day.