Crack Nintendo Switch in a different way “Hardmod” or “Softmod”?

Big N pay more attention to the piracy of Nintendo Switch after 3DS and DS being hacked. Unfortunately,hackers finally find the bug of puce Nintendo Switch that allow to run custom firmware code. Two ways to crack Nintendo Switch,Hardmod and Softmod. In this article, I will talk about Hardmod and softmod

Nintendo Switch Internal Trinket hardmod

The Nintendo Switch Internal Trinket Hardmod works by putting the Switch in recovery mode by shorting two pins in the controller connector.

Once the Switch has been put into recovery mode, users either need a computer, connected through Switch’s USB port, to inject the code to hack the hybrid console to run homebrew code.

However, you need to repeat the steps everytime you shut down the system as the hack resets when the system is turned off.

The installation of an Adafruit Trinket M0 can be done by removing wires and soldering them to a different point on the Switch’s internal capacitor. This is much more detailed than the hacked game carts that were prevalent in the era of the Nintendo DS, so it’s not exactly accessible by anyone. However, once installed it provides a permanent way to run modified code on the Nintendo Switch.

Due to the hardware exploit, Nintendo couldn’t prevent it from modifying Switch through a hardware revision, Trinket M0, updating its firmware by using Switch’s Port USB and sending the payload to Switch. The disadvantage of this mod is that to run payload, the system must be started each time. The video mentions, however, that the software will ripen enough for the need to reboot (stop, making this mod obsolete.) People interested in modifying their Switch can go to the Quantum-cross GitHub page where it provides everything the necessary, including step-by-step instructions, and, the necessary code.

Compared with hardmod, softmod is much easier to operate at home, so how could we softmod our switch

Softmod by SX PRO

what You need :

SX Pro kit complete

A micro SD card. You can freely choose the capacity, but given the size of the games Switch, I recommend at least a 128GB card, it will allow you to put a dozen games. And if you prefer pre-install the latest the Switch games in your sd card, you can orderin this place

And above all, especially, a switch compatible with the frozen rocket fault. This is a flaw that can not be fixed for Nintendo, but only found in switches sold in the first year, the following being fixed. That represents about 1 million Switch in France, it is necessary to turn on the market of the occasion if you are not equipped. To find out if your Switch is compatible, you can check its serial number here.

Getting started

We start by formatting its micro SD card in exFat format. We download the latest version of the SX OS. We copy / paste the firmware.bin file to the root of the micro SD card. We activate the wifi of its Switch, then we turn it off completely (for this, we let press the start button so that the switch off appears). Insert the micro SD card into the console, remove the right joystick, slide the tool into the joy-con rail to the bottom, insert the dongle into the USB-C port. Turn on the console by pressing the start button and the volume + button. As soon as the screen of the SX OS appears, you can remove the dongle and the tool, and put back its right joy-con. We touch the screen to start on “boot custom FW”.

There the console seems to start as usual.

We enter the album of the console. A special menu should appear. Start by activating your SX OS license with the internet, it only takes a few seconds. That’s it, everything is over!

Putting games

  1. To put games, you will have to either activate the ftp server of the console to send them by WIFI, or completely turn off the console, remove the micro SD card, copy them on, and redo the manipulation with the tool and the dongle.
  2. Two game formats are possible: the .xci format which corresponds to a game cartridge, and the.nsp format which corresponds to the games downloaded on the Nintendo store.
  3. Particularities of the .xci: if you cut the WIFI, no risk of ban. On the other hand to change the game you have to go to the album, look for the game, mount it.
  4. Particularities of the .nsp: ban surely using this format. By cons each game appears in the home console directly (as if purchased from the store in fact), and games take up less space. I personally prefer this solution. A ban is not a problem since anyway you will not be able to play online with pirated games (and you have to pay a subscription to play online).

Finally, whether choose hardmod or softmod, you will enjoy free games on Nintendo Switchcrack.