Do you have difficulty bonding to glass?


Bonding or sticking product to glass can be a tough, as well as complex treatment for many. 

A variety of manufacturers went for enhancing glass adhesion, as well as layer applications. 

Examples of plasma cleansing glass include:

  • Dealing with both glass containers, as well as bottles before the application of labels
  • Treating glass containers before inkjet printing
  • Treating big glass sheets before the finish
  • Utilizing UV treated adhesives for therapy of glass bottles before plastic decor

Plasma Therapy of Glass Before Bonding

While the glass surface appears to be excellent, as well as smooth to the nude eye, it is usually tormented with a roughness that can prevent adhesion. The unequal surface area for glass, as well as glass items, can bring in impurities, as well as a result of countless troubles. The presence of contaminants externally of your glass can significantly decrease the quality of adhesion, as well as lead to problems throughout the life of the glass.

Plasma cleaning improves the UV bonding of the glass as a result of its super cleaning qualities. Plasma Cleaning is accomplished when the gas, generally pressed air, being made use of to produce the plasma undergoes a high energy discharge, the gas is then separated into electrons, ions, free radicals, as well as other fired up bits. These ecstatic fragments scrub the surface of the glass clean, also in those tough to reach peaks, as well as also troughs on a microscopic degree, removing natural contamination from the surface area.

Plasma’s incredibly cleaning qualities are consistent and dependable, ensuring that all-natural contaminants are gotten rid of from the materials surface area, even cleaning deeply throughout microscopic heights, as well as troughs of the glass surface area; Plasma treatment will ensure you achieve regular, quality bond stamina over and over again.

Surface dealing with prior to printing, bond, as well as covering applications gives an economical, eco-friendly, and extra importantly, quickly repeatable procedure to assure high-performance bonds to the glass.

The addition of the Plasma Cleaning System within your plant can not only assist boost bond; however, give consistent, as well as effective outcomes.

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