Integrate Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy Into Your Local Business

People (or prospects) nowadays use multiple digital channels to reach your Hong Kong (HK) local business i.e. Potential customers (in your location such as Hong Kong) may go over an online search and check your Google My Business listing, click through to your website and look at what products you are offering on your website. They may go to reviews sites (such as Yelp, and others) to read some of the user reviews which are about your products and/or services. This is the reason a business always need to come up with an overall internet marketing strategy that is of omni-channel marketing nature. Integrating that strategy into your operations of digital marketing Hong Kong is first highly important step for a successful local business.

Depending on the nature of your actual local business, it may be really suitable for maintaining a channel on Youtube. It is projected that in the near future years, videos will be a medium that people are consuming the most in the mobile internet era. Across the world, YouTube is the second most used search engine which is only surpassed by Google itself. It simply implies that Youtube has tremendous amount of searches (or potential traffic) to be gained by local business, depending on their products/services. In Hong Kong today, this generation of population has grown up watching videos (especially mostly through Youtube, and via Facebook or Instagram to Youtube).

Videos seem to give the answer to almost everything for Hongkongers. There are videos that are specially designed to show their viewers how to do something, how to install a digital thermostat at home, how to fix a bath tub, etc. Many businesses have started to roll out introduction of their business via video clips that are circulated on Youtube and other similar video platforms. The best of all is that creating a YouTube channel is free of charge and that allows the exposure of your business through videos to a much wider audience base. There are niche/industry influencers who review and talk about particular products. This is an overall good time for video marketing.

Tell your story whenever you can. Consumers like authentic interaction with the businesses they are buying from. Get your Hong Kong start-up story properly written. When telling the story, you should be transparent about your business, your staff and your values. In the digital world, etc, live action or short term video content such as Stories on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube can maximum or double the positive effort of your omni-channel marketing. When storytelling is combined with social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, and Youtube, it becomes a very powerful marketing tool itself.