Models of line array systems from Seismic Audio

For general knowledge, a line array is usually a loudspeaker system compounding to several identical loudspeakers. They are typically fed in phase to create a near-line source of the sound.

Seismic Audio is the top go-to company for the best when it comes to the production and sales of these devices. However, it cannot go without mentioning that there are other dealers as well. But when it comes to quality that gives an overwhelming experience at affordable experience, undoubtedly, Seismic line array systems are indispensable.

What makes their products outstanding is their pricing policy. The company values their products way below regular market prices. Their line array also gives users full control over how they present their audios anywhere, regardless of the size of demand. On their line array loudspeakers, some of the recent developments include;

CLA-2×5 and its Features.

The CLA-2×5 is a high range and midrange cabinet. Constructed from birch plywood in the usual line array trapezoidal shape, it measures about 1.5’ by 7” on its largest side and weighs just 22 pounds.

It’s easy to carry them around and can typically fit in any position. Inside, it has two 5-inch loudspeakers with 1.5-inch voice coils and a one ⅜-inch titanium horn. The entire cabinet is wired for a 16 Ohm nominal impedance making it easy to line up four of these cabinets in series for the actual line array effect.

The CLA-310

The CLA-310 is a subwoofer designed for the system. In the heart of the cabinet, there are three 10 inch subs with 2-inch voice coils. They can handle frequencies from 40 Hz to 500 Hz up to 128 decibels. The cabinet relies on the same birch plywood construction with a full metal grille. What sets this subwoofer apart is the multitude of mounting options. Combined with the CLA-T-Frame, it can serve as the top speaker and support for the lower speakers in the usual line array setup. It is also designed to be floor-stackable for smaller venues with a pole mount built-in.

The SALA-210

The SALA-210 Passive 2×10-line array System from Seismic Audio features two 10″ woofers and two heavy-duty 1 3/8″ titanium compression drivers. They operate at 560 watts’ program and have a peak output of 1120 Watts. These Line Array Speakers are wired at 16 Ohms and have a frequency response of 65HZ – 20kHz. Notably, the SALA-210 is designed to be used in various ways, including in front of house and side fill in most any venue, including clubs, churches, places of worship, gymnasiums, and schools. They are also a perfect solution for portable and fixed venue setups. These line array systems from Seismic Audio offer an affordable solution for the sound reinforcement system.

The SALA-215

The SALA-215 Passive 2×15-line array Subwoofer from Seismic Audio features two 15″ subwoofers and are the perfect complement to the SALA-210 Line Array Speakers. They operate at 800 watts’ program and have a peak output of 1600 Watts. These Line Array Subwoofers are wired at 4 Ohms and have a frequency response of 32Hz – 500Hz, ensuring users get that deep ground-shaking bass.