Should I Purchase a New Apple Watch or Fix My Broken One?

Because they are simpler to repair and have superior service alternatives, Apple devices often last longer. They have an advantage over their rivals in the field in that they endure longer. Also, according to studies, older Apple devices deteriorate, requiring the consumer to purchase the latest model in the series.

People who love Apple, are always ready to get their hands on the attest model. But sometimes, this is not possible as the products are expensive. From iPhone to iPad, from Air Pod to Apple Watch, every item on Apple’s list is expensive and is a luxury item. Due to this, people love flaunting these products before everyone.  

The amount they pat for the products are so high that people usually are careful about dealing with these. A minimal scratch on the screen is enough to damage the peace of mind. In fact, no Apple consumer likes their products damaged as they carry it with them. In most cases, they try to find the best repair or replacement option or get the latest version. 

Repairing is a good option if the price of apple watch battery replacement price (ราคาเปลี่ยนแบต apple watch, term in Thai) is lower than 50-70 % of the model that you will buy. Repairing Apple products is also a costly affair if you do not have a subscription and the warranty period is over. It is also necessary to get proper parts if you are getting it repaired. These parts cost much and often people deem it useless to waste money or repairs. 

So, what happens if the watch sustains considerable damage? Which do customers believe is the better choice—buying a new watch or fixing the damaged one?

For most people, purchasing a new watch is far more efficient than changing out or repairing an old one. For instance, purchasing a new iPhone 12 screen is more expensive than changing the screen on an Apple Watch. Ironically, if you do not have an AppleCare+ subscription, Apple’s Limited Warranty, or Consumer Law, the replacement fee imposed by Apple service providers for apple watch repair price (ราคาซ่อม apple watch, term in Thai) will empty your wallet.

Many feel this way since replacing an Apple product is overly expensive, which adds to their frustration. If there is a little crack or other damage to the screen, users also abandon the concept of replacing it. If the damage was minimal, they kept using the watch.

If the damage is of higher rate, it is often better to get a new one than try to repair it. Repairing various issues would cost enough. But minimal damages that can be fixed without burning a hole in the pocket should be repaired rather than buying a new device. The consumer must think very clearly about what they need and want from their product as it would help them to find the solution to their issue. Always make sure to choose Apple stores for repairs so that you get quality parts for your watch. Using lower grade parts in your watch can compromise its performance.