The Best Content with the No Copy Issues

You already know it, do not you? Good content, addressed to the right audience, can literally propel your business. To increase your audience, reach your target audience and increase visits and sales, SEO is your best ally. Why? Because everyone today is looking for what they need, on the internet. But how to achieve SEO friendly content and achieve the first results of Google? Follow the guide. The use of the best free plagiarism checker comes perfect here.

SEO is not just about keywords

This is a brief update. Of course the choice of your keywords will play on your performance. But SEO is actually a set of factors. This is a virtuous circle of good practice that will primarily come from the quality of your content and the recognition of readers. In short, you must first produce quality content and bring value. Once only this base posed, you will be able to worry about the points evoked thereafter.

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Stand out with original content

It may seem easier to say than to do. And yet, the best way to become identifiable and your readers stay on your site is to bring an original approach to your topic. What makes your content more worth reading than another? Its authenticity of course. If you keep up with the same information as your competition, you will not be able to stand out. How to make a difference? There are several methods that can help you.

Copywriting: this “technique” of writing, will allow you to use emotions to get your message across. In the end, we all love stories and nothing beats a subject told by the prism of identifiable feelings.

Storytelling: a little on the same basis, it allows you to use an anecdote or a personal story to convey a message, share its approach or solution.

This will not only make it possible to be remarkable and to generate backlinks which will highlight the quality of your contents, but also to be favored by Google who will appreciate the originality (unlike the duplicate content). In turn, your bounce rate should also be better and so increase your ranking.

Work on your titles and subtitles

You have necessarily had this experience yourself. When you search for information on Google, you find yourself very quickly faced with a large number of results. And the first thing that allows you to sort it out is the title of course.

To achieve this, you can think about several proposals. The perfect combo is halfway between SEO optimization (i.e., your keyword at the beginning of the title) and fluidity. Your title should be evocative and make you want to click. Again, copywriting can be of great help.

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