The main functions of parental control app

Parental control with the tracker app helps your family understand how young children use the internet and helps them in the process of online growth. However, using the right parental control app or spy app for the task is not as easy as it seems. That is why we write this article. We thoroughly tested some of the most important parental control apps in 2019 and compiled detailed manuals to find the best one for your needs, budget and parenting style.

We start by analyzing the three most important elements of the parental control apps: monitoring, content filtering and user control functions. The monitoring function can be subdivided into regular monitoring such as calls, messages, e-mail, web browser, and social media apps such as Facebook and YouTube. Numerous good monitoring options form the basis of a powerful parental control application to monitor kids’ text messages. Regardless of the filtering and control characteristics, monitoring enables parents to know exactly what their children are doing. In addition, some spy applications include machine learning algorithms and pattern recognition capabilities that automatically search for activities so parents don’t have to search for time-consuming keywords.

As to the content filtering, it is an automated protection layer provided by the parental control app. With this function, parents can select images, content and materials that children cannot or should not see. At present parents can enter and adjust their own filters for some tracker apps, which can save time of the parents when they cannot see everything the children are doing on the device.  Parents usually use the content filtering to filter violence, sexual content. Finally, the use of the control function is related to the direct input of the parent through the parental control application. With the help of this, parents can limit the time a child spends on their device or a specific app; block specific websites and applications in the target phone, and even block the device completely.

Parental restrictions are an important part of a family when a child can access anything on the Internet, but if you don’t know what you can do with a parental control app, setting these restrictions can be a difficult process. That is why TTSPY has done the difficult work for you. The TTSPY parental control has considered almost everything when the child pays with the smart phone and develops many features. For more information about the TTSPY spy app, you can visit