The Right Options in Getting Rich

Are you interested in knowing how to get rich? You have come to the right place. There are lots options to follow to get rich, and in this article we go to explore them all.

But let’s clarify a concept immediately: what does it mean to become rich?

There are many types of wealth:

  • Happiness
  • Money
  • The love
  • The bravery
  • The generosity
  • Health
  • The serenity
  • The satisfaction
  • The property
  • The weather

Generally when we think about how to get rich we focus only on some of these aspects and leave out all the others. So it happens that we slaughter ourselves with work to increase our income and we lose sight of the time to devote to our dreams. Or we are so caught up in making fortunes that we drift away from our humanity.

Or we are so disgusted by our capitalist model that we decide to retire to a “monastic” life, better to have more time for oneself and less money than to give up on oneself. All these choices have their own validity but sacrifice a substantial part of wealth that we will never find again. Certainly this definition is broad enough to contain time and money, but it certainly does not contain love, satisfaction, enthusiasm, passion, spirituality etc.

So what are the best strategies for achieving full wealth?

How to get rich

  • We all seek solutions by analyzing the outside world precisely where everyone is looking for them.
  • But if we really want to change our lives we have to open our minds.
  • If you think about it for a moment all that is visible is generated by what is invisible. It is what is underground that generates what is above.
  • So if we want to change the fruits (the results) first we should change the roots.
  • If we want to change what is visible we must first of all change what is invisible.
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And what is this “invisible” part?

The most important is certainly our attitude and our beliefs. We are all unlimited beings but we self-convince ourselves so much that we cannot do anything other than what we have learned in our life, that in the long run we end up believing in it and withdrawing into ourselves. We really like the concept of multiplicity to represent the concept of wealth. We are multiple beings and we can be many things at the same time. 

Why limit ourselves to a single competence?

Ever since we were born, they have accustomed us to follow very specific lines and to be called doctor, lawyer, architect, surveyor and so on, until these same definitions become cages. But there is always something wrong, coincidentally, and then here we are chasing the latest discovery of science or going crazy to achieve increasingly unattainable goals. If you have come across any article that explains how to get rich you will surely have syruped the lesson on measurable goals. Reasoning only in utilitarian terms, as we have been accustomed to doing since we were born, will never lead to true wealth.