Email verification is solely used to check and authenticate emails that you have been given to make sure that it is from a real person or legal organization. Know more about check disposable emails online

1] Do Not Buy Email Addresses

Buying email addresses for a company is not a wise decision. It may seem like expanding quickly, but it will harm the company’s reputation. And it has its various negative outcomes.

2] Determine Whether You Need an Email Verification

One of the most crucial decisions of an email marketer is to find out whether you need email verification or not. If it is a small size business then it is not necessary to have email verification. On the other hand, if the emails are collected on a large scale, then it is mandatory for email verification.

3] Fix your Data Acquisition Practices

It is important to maintain and improve the quality of your email database. The aim of the marketer is not just to collect email addresses but to receive the foremost possible ones.

4] Choose a Reliable Email Verification Tool

Customers must select the best email verification service. Realistic and user support are the following preferable verification tools.

5] Transmit your Data Securely

In the business of email marketing it is essential to build trust in the eyes of the customers. All customers should have faith and believe that their email addresses and privacy statements are well protected.

6] Be Purposeful and Strategic

If the emails are larger or older it is necessary to use real-time verification, to reduce address decay in your database. Moreover, you have to verify the lists of your emails before going into heavy email periods.

7] Use a Real-Time Email Verification API

To make email verification more easier and simpler you can use real-time email verification API. This tool helps to confirm emails in real time as the user submits them on a form. This is used to prevent fake and invalid emails.

8] Combine Verification Methods for the Greatest Reliability

One verification of email will give you efficient results, but combining verification methods will give a greater and more efficient impact. Combined methods such as bulk verification and combined regular whole-list verification are used for greater reliability.

9] Understand your Results

In order to ensure success in email verification and analyse the results, it is essential to understand how the results break in.

10] Understand How Risky Results Break Down

To understand how to break risky results down, you need to understand the three ways to break down risky emails; Accept -, Disposable, and Role.

11] Make the Right Changes Based on Your Results

Email verification provides a report card containing all the essential information on your list. Kickbox allows any customer to download the results of the database. It’s up to the customer whether to make any changes or not.

12] Know When to Ask for Deliverability Help

If the customer is experiencing low deliverability or high bounce rates, despite using email verification, then it is recommended that you Kickbox deliverability consulting.