6 Tips on Handling the Litter Box Furniture Issue

Is there anything cuter than a can? There are roughly 600 million cats in the world, and every single one of them has something amazing in itself. They are lovely creatures and although being highly independent, taking care of one means dedicating yourself a lot.

They need proper food to be healthy, they need at least an hour of playtime during the day, and they have their sense of finding the sweet spot for resting and sleep. Your job is to provide the litter, and the place where they’ll handle their nature call.See more about cats here.

The litter box is a must because cats are animals that used to live in the wilderness, and they can’t handle going to the bathroom as we do. You need to provide some sand where they’ll do it. Today, multiple options imitate send, so pick the one you think it’s best.

Placing the box is an important issue. In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips that will explain what the most valuable issues are when it comes to placing the box perfectly. Read on and learn everything about the litter box and what you must know.

1. Find the perfect spot for the litter

The perfect spot is the one that will be away from your sight, but still accessible for the cat. When they need to go, they might not show the signs you’ll perfectly understand, and when you’re not at home, they need to be able to reach the box at all times.

This is why you need to find the ultimate best spot in your home where your cat will go to it whenever it feels like it. At the same time, it has to be out of reach of any other animal, because your pet needs to feel safe and secured when she’s using it.

2. Have patience teaching your cat to use it

Your cat will find its place to go and do the job, which means you need to teach about manners. When it’s still young, the mentality can be shaped, but after growing up, you can’t convince it through talk that it needs to use the litter.

There are several ways to teach your pet to take the litter instead of going just anywhere. It’s smart to go online and find some valuable lessons that will help you do it right. If you don’t do it while they’re young, it’s going to become impossible later. See some tips on how to do this here:

3. Make sure it’s easily washed material

The box needs to be made of materials that are easy to be washed and maintained. Don’t get one that has multiple fabrics and a printed image of yourself on the box. This is supposed to be a simple item, and it’s best made of plastic.

Plastic is a material that is the most easily maintained of them all. You just need to throw the sand into the garbage, wash the plastic with some solution, and it’s ready to go again. Any other material will be more complicated than this one. It’s lightweight, safe, and everything you need.

4. Mind the size of both the cat and the litter

If you own a big cat, you can’t get her a small box. Measure the size of your pet and get them a litter that will be at least 1.5 times bigger than their size. They need to be able to get inside and make a circle around themselves only to understand that this is the place where they’re doing it.

If they are still pussy cats, and too young, they need something smaller because they won’t be able to get inside the container. As they grow, you’ll change and replace the item. When they reach full size, you can keep using them until it’s good.

5. Regularly clean the dirt

One of the things that mean people fail to do, and create a true problem for everyone is cleaning the box regularly. After using it, your cat will try to cover its tracks, but you need to go and take the excess material into the garbage.

This way, you prevent smells from filling the room, keep the sand clean at all times, and make sure they feel comfortable using it again later. If you leave it too long untouched, your pet may refuse to go there because it’s too dirty and try to find another place.

6. Breeze the room more frequently than in other places

No matter how frequently you clean it, the room where the litter box is placed will surely needs more air and breeze, because the smell will be intense. The only way to prevent it is to change the items frequently enough, but after a few days, the same will happen again.

Don’t try to do the impossible, and simply let some breeze inside the room. If you do regular cleaning and let in enough air, you won’t feel anything. However, have this in mind, because you surely don’t want to become like those people who worry about nothing and the smell of their cats is felt three blocks down the street.


These are some of the essentials you need to know about cats and the litter box furniture needed for them. They are lovely creatures, but they also need care. Have these issues in mind when picking the best items for them.