All the Information That You Need on MLtek Software Products 

MLtek software website boosts a UK based company that yields programs designed at tackling several IT infrastructure tasks. All their staffs have had wide-ranging experience working in IT infrastructure situations and are intimately acquainted with the exclusive challenges this field offers. Every single one of their products was created following a “If only I could find an application that did X” moment. All MLtek solutions are calculated to deliver a simple, effective and unique answer to various problems.

New Reporting Module Phase 1 Complete

MLtek overhauled the reporting feature in ArchiverFS which they were working on for quite some time andare pleased to announce that phase 1 is finally complete.

Version 3.471 contains the new statistics gathering function which does away with the separate reporting service, leading to enhanced scalability and performance.

Phase 2 will contain a totally new interface for the reporting module. MLtek is working to have the new interface ready for version 3.472 which by the time you read this, has already been released.

2 Years Support for Free!

For a limited time, they are including an extra year of support free with every ArchiverFS Perpetual license. That’s 2 years of assisted support and updates included for free with every perpetual license! But if you wait too long that offer may already have been closed. 

If you are looking for a simple, effective and incredibly flexible way to move old files to second tier storage like a NAS device, cloud storage etc. then there has never been a better time to take ArchiverFS for a test run.

Save time and money with ArchiverFS

Have you sat there and wondered why there isn’t a simpler yet effective way to tackle the years upon years’ worth of old files that have built up on your file server? Why do all the products and tools that are available revolve around trying to control a database what is fundamentally a file system issue? Well, ArchiverFS is dissimilar…

ArchiverFS works at the file system level and it gives you a structured method of migrating all your old and unused files to another tier storage, without trying to store files, file metadata or pointers to files in a database. They completely took the database out of this equation.

The users still get all the features they would expect such as:

  • Seamless stubs left in place of old files once they have been migrated.
  • Feature for reporting.
  • A wealth of choices for control of how files are migrated like file size, type, age, etc.
  • Ability of file compression once they have been migrated.

But you also get enormous scalability, agent free operation and compatibility with all technologies such as DFS and de-duplication.

If you are interested the full details for ArchiverFS can be found on their website so you can see how their solution works.

Would you be interested in being a beta site?

Currently MLtek is looking for users to help them trial their newest product, IP Spider. Best situation would be an organization which is heavily dependent on external TCP/IP connectivity and would quite possibly be in the sector of telecom. 

IP Spider is anenormously scalable high fidelity multi-threaded network route monitoring product. It is intended for use by those organizations that unequivocally must know not just if their external connections are up, but if they are down, why they are down. Even in the environments that are most complex it is skilled and identifying precisely where a loss of connectivity has happened within seconds down to the precise hop, even if you are routing over the public internet.

This company will be offering all beta sites substantial discounts on IP Spider once it goes on universal release.

Hablas español?

Do you speak Spanish? Over the last few years this company has seen an increase in customers coming from countries that are non-English speaking countries. This includes a number from China and quite a few Spanish speaking countries. In support of this trend MLtek will be releasing a Spanish version of ArchiverFS soon to compliment the English, Chinese simplified and Chinese traditional versions already available.

Subscription licences now available for ArchiverFS

Over the last few years MLtek have had numerous requests to bring to the market a subscription-based licensing model for ArchiverFS.

Up until this all licenses were perpetual and worked on a ‘buy once use forever’ basis with annual support renewals. Despite the licensing cost being a fraction of their nearest competitors and the fact that ArchiverFS already signified a value for money, this model had the effect of front loading a lot of the costs. Being able to offer a subscription-based license, alongside the perpetual licenses enable any user a way to spread the initial costs more evenly over years 2+.

So, if you’re struggling to find a simple and cost-effective way to get to grips with your sprawling file system, why not have a look at ArchiverFS? Whether your file system is <1TB in size or multiple PetaBytes, MLtek can help you bring some order to the chaos and…

  • Save money on your backups by reducing how much data you back up.
  • Cut your restore times in the event of a disaster.
  • Help you ensure compliance with the relevant legislation in your region regarding the retention of information e.g. the Data Protection Act in the UK.
  • Enable you to free up significantly more space on your expensive first line storage.

You can download the trial version of ArchiverFS for free and give it a test drive. The trial download is fully featured and it will enable you to fully explore all it has to offer on your systems in your own time.