Business and Balance – A Slightly Different Take

Taking time for ourselves. It is so difficult to do in the age of cell phones and 24 hour news channels. Each day we run our hectic schedules, fulfilling our obligations. We blog, we social network, we work to grow our business and future proof our skills. But what about the most important obligation of all? The obligation to live this life to it’s fullest, enjoying good food and the laughter of friends and family in a relaxed setting, far away from the worries of the day.

A good life is one that is full and balanced. Hard work should be balanced with relaxing play. It is possible to have it all. And the truly good news is that you can enjoy a wonderful afternoon or evening without making elaborate plans. As a bonus, you will be much more refreshed and ready to tackle your business from a fresh perspective. Here are the ingredients for a memorable time:

Location – Pick somewhere that speaks to your heart. Beauty is everywhere and if there is a setting that you find beautiful, sharing that location with those closest to you enhances the beauty that much more. A good location doesn’t have to be near a majestic sea shore with a golden sunset in the background. It can be as simple as a local park or even a scenic pull-out along a highway. The only real requirement is that the setting be one that makes you feel good. Remember, open eyes see beauty everywhere.

People – You can choose to just include your soul-mate, or you can invite any number of friends or family members whose company you enjoy. Is there a new acquaintance that you’d like to know a little better? What a perfect way to explore who they are.

Food – Ah yes, food. The common tie that warms our soul and nourishes our body. Food is of course the centrepiece to a gathering of friends. From a full course Thanksgiving meal, to the cookies and coffee served at meetings, good food delights our senses with tastes and smells that bring our fondest memories forward and take us home.

Accessories – Having a meal outdoors does not mean fine food served on paper plates with flimsy plastic cutlery. Part of the enjoyment of the meal is a pleasing presentation with the tools that contribute to a fine eating experience. A beautiful picnic basket filled with items to enhance the setting can really complete the dining experience. A few simple candles also add to the atmosphere of relaxation

Remember to keep it simple. You don’t have to plan activities or decide who sits next to whom. Let things progress at their own natural pace. Have everyone do themselves a favour: for this brief moment in time, leave their cell phones in the car. The world will still be there, waiting for them upon their return to reality. Bring these ingredients together often. Spice them with humour and good conversation. Every outing has the potential to be memorable and soon you will find that these outings are the highlight of your week. Something to be savoured and treasured. Something to look forward to with joyful anticipation and gratitude for everything this bountiful life has to offer.