Fonts and Your Preferred Usage

Without our realizing it, typography dominates our perception of the world. It is omnipresent in the reading of a brand, whether in its logo or in its visual identity (web and print media). It sets the tone for the positioning of the brand by placing it in a specific universe: luxury, mass distribution, artistic, political or economic.

The right choice of typeface

The typography is made up of tens of thousands of typefaces categorized into: serif, sans serif, display, handwriting, monospace. Choosing the font that characterizes your brand is not an easy exercise. To convince yourself, take a test and write your company name in different fonts. You will find that depending on the font used, the printing is not the same. Make a visit to  for the perfect deal.

The typography used by major brands and their evolution

Over time, major brands have evolved their logo. Significant example of change for:

Google  going from the Catull font (1999) to Century Gothic (2015).

The current trend is to simplify fonts, often moving from a serif to a sans serif in order to provide better readability on digital screens.

It should also be noted that Google has created a “house” font database, Google Fonts, which is free for all Internet users. These fonts facilitate readability on mobile media and help indexing sites on the web.

The DNA of your brand: the font

Even if a company has not thought about the creation of a logo or an identity of its brand, it necessarily uses a font for the establishment of its invoices or its business card. Without her realizing it, the choice made will affect the image she conveys. Our job as a graphic designer is not only to create a “pretty” logo, but to create a logo that meets a large number of criteria:

Brand positioning

  • the values ​​conveyed by society
  • readability on all media (web and print)
  • simplicity for ease of memorization of the public
  • timelessness to avoid successive redesigns
  • originality allowing its IP registration

Originally, a typeface (commonly known as font, and in English font) is a representation of an alphabet with a given body (i.e. size), and weight ( normal, bold) given. Helvetica Bold Italic 12pt is a typeface, for example.

A typeface, also called a writing font, brings together all the fonts of the same family. Helvetica, Arial or Times are fonts.

Can you use any font on a website?

The answer to this question is simple: in theory yes, in practice not at all, but it begins to be possible, and it will soon be quite widely possible, unless it goes wrong, so rather no but in fact yes, must see.