FREE Online Tools for Social Media Marketing

In today’s modern times, earning a living is tricky, especially that even the necessities we need to purchase are expensive. Therefore, people’s common problem to develop and hone their skills is they lack the resources to create their masterpiece. For a marketing manager, it is essential to always have a device with them anytime and anywhere because they are the ones who handle the social media platforms of their company. They are the one who is responsible for the social engagement of the people online and how their advertisements catch the attention of the mass population. As you all know, one of the most significant aspects of why a company earns the trust of the people is through its authentic and genuine advertisements. People need to experience the service and purchase the product precisely as the posters would say. Thus, some may put luring statements, but their work would not justify the description.

With that in mind, as an artist and creator assigned to a company’s advertising and digital world, you should create an eye-catching logo and resemble that origin of your company at the same time. To create a work that would portray and visualize your product’s advocacy, you can utilize free logo makers online to gather ideas that will help you create a piece of your own that can be remarkable like no other.

Here is a list of the top social media marketing tools that will enhance your creativity and exceed your department head’s expectations:

1. Barometer by Agorapulse

The Barometer by Agorapulse is also known as Facebook Barometer. It is not your usual barometer; instead, it shows and monitors various updates on how your page interacts with people and how the community talks about your page. It gives you a weekly, monthly, and annual forecast about the growth and progresses your team has created through time. Facebook Barometer was founded by Emeric Ernould and Benoit Hediard in Paris. Ernould and Hediard built the company’s conception in 1993, but its opening was in 2011. Their mantra is to make the lives of the people comfortable in the most innovative way possible.

With the social media advancement this application has brought, your company can flourish with Facebook Barometer’s help. It will help you know the aspects you need to work on and the fortes that excel across time. As a social media manager, you will be responsible for matters regarding the online world. Various opportunities are lingering in the digital community. If you use this platform in a smart and right manner, you will be able to capture the audience that can be your partners to fulfill the success of the company you opt to experience in no time.

2. is a company created to make an artistic touch on the business links of every company. The site will help you build connections that would capture the people’s attention, and the more visits people would make, the more money you can earn. Also, they have a feature that would help you manage your online engagement with the community since this is one of the factors that will help your company grow and flourish. The more social engagement you have, the more people will be encouraged to test your services and purchase your product. Remember that it is best to treat your customers as your acquaintances to create a pleasant transaction and a hassle-free agreement.

Nevertheless, will be the solution to your problem if you wish to increase your social engagement with the community. With its ability to create a customized link for you and your company, never hesitate to try this application because it will surely change your life.

3. is a site and free design app where social media managers can create their infographics and post results creatively. People will be encouraged to view their posts because of their unique content and one-of-a-kind creativity. You can also make animated infographics that showcase your statistical data’s less boring presentation and make the community love your company even more. Nobody would want to engage in a boring company that would not portray personality and settle for vague ideas.

Therefore, with the help of, the vast growth of users and customers that would want to avail of your service or product would grow in no time. This site is best for students, especially those who try their best to keep the audience engaged, specifically when presenting a mathematical treatment of data. Of course, those topics would contain nothing but numbers, and people would tend to show dismay and disinterest. But, tables would turn if you use because they have different tools to create more lively and artistic infographics and help you gather a broad audience regardless of what topic you opt to present.