Hiring A New SEO Agency? Do Talk About These Aspects!

When it comes to SEO, even the biggest brands prefer the idea of outsourcing. It makes little or no sense to hire a complete team of professionals, when you can always hire an agency and get things done for much lesser money, time and effort. Companies that offer SEO Singapore services often have comprehensive packages, but more importantly, the right agencies will customize their offerings for your brand. That said, discussing the right aspects with a new SEO agency is critical, and in this post, we have the pointers that need your attention before you give the nod. 

Insist on a site audit

Website audit is often considered to be the first step of SEO, and it involves checking for broken links, verifying the status of descriptions, checking for web page speed, and monitoring parameters related to traffic and positioning in search results. Before the actual keyword search begins, the audit comes in handy in understanding the current status of the website. The site audit is often offered for free, but some agencies may charge for this – check in advance. 

Find more on approach

SEO is a comprehensive process, which compromises of aspects like link building, on-page SEO, blogger outreach, guest posting, and so on. You have to understand that this is a completely unique task for every brand, and the role of any SEO agency is to ensure that the work is in sync with the needs of the website.  Make sure that the agency focuses on Google’s best practices and they have an in-house team of experienced members, who can offer further guidance in crafting a complete campaign. 

Ask about content

Content marketing and using contents for your website, blog and social media accounts is critical for SEO, and you want an agency that understands the importance of this. They must have a team of writers and editors for creating content and should be able to create a content plan for the SEO campaign. 

Discuss other needs

SEO, when accompanied by PPC, social media and email marketing, can boost conversions and sales, and it is absolutely necessary to select an agency that can take care of the entire online marketing process, if needed, in the future. If you are selecting an agency, make sure that they are well versed with the requirements of your business and can handle inflow of work when required. 

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