Managed security service providers: What are they and what do they offer?

For some years, the need to protect assets in organizations has begun to design new ways to offer security solutions, through models that are more dynamic and simple to administer, less expensive and based on the needs, characteristics and conditions of each company. This type of model is developed from managed services that allow organizations to focus on the business, while taking care of their information and other assets.

What is an MSP?

A professional Managed Services Provider, such as Citrix consultant services Wisconsin, offers a range of options to various customers. They can range from network, application or system services to even human resources. The Managed Security Service Provider typically provides monitoring and management of security devices or systems. Common services include firewall management, intrusion detection systems, VPN services, vulnerability scanning, anti-malicious code solutions, auditing, regulatory compliance, data backup and recovery, and more. Through this model, providers take responsibility for the network and other resources of their customers. Besides, providers offer certain companies a complete package of IT and security services and solutions, which depends on the specific needs of each client.

Advantages of outsourcing the managed security services

There are undoubtedly advantages for organizations that choose to outsource managed IT services from Citrix Solutions Wisconsin. One of the advantages is related to the reduction in the acquisition of technological and security infrastructure for the organization, which goes hand in hand with less personnel required, less time for implementation, configuration and administration. For small or medium-sized businesses it may be a viable option since the MSP must offer the service with a qualified and experienced team.

There are options to deal with security incidents, which must be mitigated in conjunction with other aspects, such as the adoption of policies and procedures. Although companies outsource some or all of their IT and security requirements, asset protection goes beyond technology. For that reason, good security practices, training and awareness of members of the organization, as well as the proper use of automated tools should not be neglected.

Transparent and flexible

It is important to know the infrastructure, applications and technologies used by the provider, as well as the type of tools used internally by the clients. Transparency and communication also play a basic role. So, confidentiality and service agreements also have to be very clear, explaining how they respond to different types of requests, as well as the responsibilities. As part of communication, regular meetings help keep information flowing and mitigate potential problems with customers. With Citrix healthcare solutions you choose only the best option for your company.