Repsonal selling: concrete case study and trends in face-to-face sales

If a company has decided on the responsible step and moved from words to deeds and organized sales through representatives – this is a step towards growth and success.

Trying to keep the old communications, and technology usually only leads to business stagnation and slow “aging”. To refresh the flow of money, investment and attention of buyers can be such a familiar method of sales as personal meetings with potential customers.

At you can read a detailed and up-to-date guide to personal selling. The specialists of the company Reply offer their own estimation of what qualitative personal sales should be and how they should be organized considering the current trends. We’ll look at specific cases in certain areas. And let’s start, perhaps, with the most common in the commercial segment – the sale of organizational equipment for companies.

The case of selling office equipment: what matters most here?

New products and technology are replacing yesterday’s products. In addition, the fixed assets in an enterprise wear out. That is why it is necessary to replace or modernize existing office equipment, and it is better to do it not at once, but gradually, as it breaks down or is completely worn out to the point of inability to operate effectively. This is a huge segment of the business – from selling desks and chairs to computers, communication and communication equipment. An office equipment company can get information from an office manager who fills out an inquiry on the Web site or has made a request for a fresh price list.

Meeting at the buyer’s premises

It’s best to make an appointment to meet with the buyer on their property. This can be motivated as follows:

  • need to assess needs on the spot;
  • suggest the best possible product for a particular company or office;
  • to combine the capabilities of the existing technologies of the enterprise with those proposed by the supplier, to optimize costs.

Usually such arguments work, especially since you really need this information to make a quality business proposal.

By visiting a company or a customer’s office, you can study the existing equipment and learn about the consumables used. Based on this data, it is easy to leave a competitive offer in terms of assortment, timing, and price.

Demonstration and purchase.

A salesperson can invite the company’s decision makers and personally test the equipment in the supplier’s showroom. These meetings usually end with a tentative agreement or purchase decision by delegated employees of the prospective buyer.