Six SEO Steps A Hong Kong Small Business Website Should Follow Through

Most Hong Kong traditional businesses have the expertise in their own industry and know how exact to do business. But when it comes to getting free traffic from the internet, it may become an entire different set of skills for them. In many cases, they may even struggle to figure out where exactly to start. Assume a small business in HK already has built a company website, then the next immediate stage can conveniently be to set up a search engine optimization project. When you get consultation from a local SEO expert, you should more or less get this advice on following through your small business website SEO project with the steps below.

Step 1: Make sure the bots of search engines are able to read and crawl your web pages and content. If not, then your site will definitely not do well in terms of organic search rankings.

Step 2: Write content that are of relatively high quality and are useful to the end users (or at least your local Hong Kong target audience). The content should be the answers to the search queries of your users that they usually would have entered into Google’s search box.

Step 3: Writing the content and having them published on your HK company website isn’t good enough. Make sure your content is keyword-optimized. Doing this, you will enable your website content to attract the searchers (i.e. your HK local target audience) from the search engines (i.e. Google and Yahoo, usually with the case of the Hong Kong market).

Step 4: Make a plan to work of all the meta tags of your pages, including page titles, URL, meta description, and more. The reason is that these meta tags are used by Google and Yahoo to display your listing on the search results pages. The better you can create them, the more likely that people are going to click your listings. The more clicks you get means the more visitors your company website will get. For example, if you are a law firm that is based in Hong Kong, then you should mention it.

Step 5: Work on the technical SEO elements. One example is to work towards getting your web pages to load faster. Being able to load web pages faster means you are making it easier for Google and Yahoo to access your pages. At the same time, when your target users can open your pages fast in their web browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari), they will have less chance to bounce off your website. This is the first thing you can do to improve better user experience. With your case, one obvious solution is to have your website hosted locally i.e. Host your site at a Hong Kong based hosting service provider who offers web servers that are in Hong Kong.

Step 6: Share your content (and pages) through the popular social media accounts including Facebook which has many Hong Kong locally based users.