The best way to Setup Isend around the Canon Copier

Finally, before using a Canon Copier you might like to make the most of its advanced checking features. These characteristics could save you on printing as well as the atmosphere. When you have your Canon copier installed you may have this feature setup and installed to suit your needs, but many customers are requested to pay for this feature. Inside our experience we percieve great deal of photocopier companies charge high amounts of cash with this particular service.

This document will highlight how its done improving your premiums on unnecessary chargeable engineer callouts.

Creating Checking with a shared folder:

Initially you will need to create a folder inside your network or computer that you might want the documents sent to. The folder should be enabled to get shared as well as the needed users need assess in it so it will show on canon’s copiers network screen.

One touch buttons are very useful for individuals who’ve just a few send keys activated.

  • Click additional key (seems just like a mind getting a star inside)
  • Address book setting key
  • One-touch buttons
  • Choose a number e.g. 1
  • Now select Register/edit
  • Select file
  • Please name the button
  • Please name the primary one-touch name
  • Select user, and enter username
  • Select password and enter password, this must be done two occasions
  • Towards the top please change protocol by home windows (SMB)
  • Now click browse in the finish right
  • Uncover the folder you created to get share. You must do this by selecting the right name then hitting lower. For Example: usually you will observe you server name, click pass this you’ll go to a network folder and so on till your folder is displayed.
  • Once it’s been done select ok, then done til you have came back round the primary screen.

Now click the send key, then click the one-touch button key, you have to now start to see the button you created.

Creating Checking for their email around the Canon Copier:

To accomplish this you need to enter a SMTP address towards the Canon Copier. The Canon Copier must have the best outgoing email address contact information, check out your IT administrator for individuals these records.