Tips for Navigating WhatsApp Compliance

WhatsApp has become one of the most favored messaging platforms for business. The application’s massive user base has benefitted companies across the globe, granting easy access to customers, suppliers, and business partners.

While you may be one of the companies enjoying the features of WhatsApp, you might dread the legal risks associated with using the platform. Organizations heavily regulate WhatsApp and require companies to maintain utmost compliance. It doesn’t help that international laws are too ambiguous about business messages.

There are plenty of ways to remain compliant. You can archive Whatsapp chat groups and individual messages or strengthen corporate policies. In this article, we’ll list some tips to help you navigate the challenges of WhatsApp compliance.

Require Employee Opt-In Oversight

WhatsApp is known for its end-to-end encrypted messages that make it difficult to oversee. The feature is excellent for security reasons, but you’ll need to supervise the conversations sent to and from your company. To allow overseeing, you’ll need to establish a strict opt-in policy.

Define The Terms and Conditions for WhatsApp Use

You might want to read and understand the contents of the WhatsApp Security and Privacy Help Center. Your insight into the platform’s policies will guide you in creating and implementing your terms and conditions. These policies will protect you should a customer decides to file a lawsuit.

Enforce Security

Like any other messaging application, WhatsApp risks cyberattacks and false information. Not having any layer of security could cause your customers to lose trust in transacting with your company. Additionally, this might break regulatory requirements. Ensure that your chats are safe from phishing, hacking, and disinformation by placing guidelines and setting up chat monitoring.

Use Archiving Solutions

We recommend acquiring the services of 3rd party providers to help you archive a chat in WhatsApp. Their software often comes in a complete package, which includes surveillance, real-time captures, and flagging features to strengthen security.

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