What are the Benefits of pentesting?

Business owners must take the security of their network and systems seriously and follow proper protocol for mitigating risks. Conducting the right tests and assessments helps the business owner pinpoint issues that threaten their data and their clients. Reviewing the advantages of pentesting shows business owners why they should conduct the tests frequently. 

Finding Security Threats Within the Network

Finding security threats within the network with pentesting prevents companies from losing data and keeps prying eyes out of confidential files. The purpose of the test is to determine if there are any existing vulnerabilities and how the vulnerabilities can affect the server, network, and other connected devices. Once the vulnerabilities are discovered, the administrators create new security schemes to block the vulnerabilities and improve the security of the network and devices. 

Determine if Attack Attempts Came From Internal or External Sources

Determining if the attack attempts came from internal or external sources helps the administrator establish if the attack came from an unknown source or a worker. The details are vital for the administrator and help them establish if the company must take disciplinary action against a worker or investigate an outside attacker. The reports generated during the test help the administrator to trace the origin of attacks, discover what data was involved, and locate all devices affected by the attack. 

Preventing Downtime Due to Security Risks

Preventing downtime due to security risks ensures that companies complete projects on time and keep productivity levels at an all-time high. Penetration tests show how security risks affect the entire organization. Risks that involve ransomware, for example, can lead to a complete denial of service and shut down the company completely. Extraordinary measures are required to eliminate the ransomware and restore service. The business needs to manage these potential risks and maintain all systems and ensure access to all workers. Penetration tests make it possible to mitigate risks quickly and continue with everyday demands with a downtime. 

Preventing Damage to the Company’s Reputation

Preventing damage to the company’s reputation is another great reason to conduct a pentest more frequently. If a security breach happens and customer data is stolen, the attack can damage the company’s reputation. Consumers who lose money as a result of the attack will post reviews of the company based on their losses, and the media will paint the company in a negative light. 

Saving the Company Time and Money

Saving the company time and money reduces unnecessary spending. Monitoring and mitigating risks to the network, servers, and files prevent costs for the company including awards from legal claims. Penetration tests are invaluable for all companies and keep them safer. 

Business owners must follow careful protocol to prevent vulnerabilities that threaten their servers, database, and the company network. Penetration tests help the organizations find security threats and pinpoint the origin of the attack. This helps administrators design more robust security schemes and block out unauthorized users. Reviewing how the penetration tests work helps the company gain a better perspective for protecting their business.