Which Servers to choose?

With the advent of the internet, businesses are also evolving in the way it is being operated. For example, if you are about to start a business, the first thing which will come to your mind is how to design a website. Nowadays, running your business without a website seems like an impossible task.

Hence, websites are of paramount importance in today’s world. But how to go about it? Obviously, when we think of a website, the first question which comes to our mind is who to hire to develop one. But there is one aspect which we tend to forget.

Normally, we do not think much about hosting. If your hosting server is not strong, then there are chances that your website will take too long to load or it might crash on a regular basis. A bad user experience will break your company’s reputation.

Hence, when you are planning to build a website, make sure to opt for the right kind of server that will serve your business purposes. To know more about servers, you can check out various hosting server providers like WeHaveServers.

Types of servers and their functions

Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers are best for websites which experience huge traffic and also have loads of content. This server is perfect for e-commerce websites where a huge number of people use the website at the same time. Also, these websites require high-end security. Therefore, dedicated servers are a perfect fit. Basically dedicated servers are servers where only your website will be hosted. In dedicated servers, no other websites other than yours will use it. Hence, it will add extra security to your website.

Shared servers

Shared servers are lesser expensive as compared to dedicated servers. In these servers, you will be sharing the server space with other websites as well. Shared servers are perfect for websites which do not have security issues. This type of server is perfect for websites like blogging websites, company profiles and many more. The only con about shared servers is that they are not slow and security might be an issue.