Why is FIFA Game Series so Popular

FIFA from EA Games has already sold more than 250 million copies worldwide that makes it the chartbuster of the gaming company. Along with ‘Need for Speed’, it is one of the company’s highest sellers of all times and the organization recognizes the value that it has added to its gaming repertoire. Hence, it will be an understatement to say that the game series has been a runaway success for EA Sports. There are many reasons for the same, some of which are discussed in the following sections.

  • Football needs no introduction – Football, as a sport, is played by almost every country in the world and it needs no introduction at any level. People are conversant with the game, its rules, regulations, requirements, and the many players, teams, and leagues. All of this adds in building up an interest for the game that is so well compliment by FIFA. Users can pick their favorite player, teams or even play as they like it. The game can be played in various modes that can be helpful for any gamer.
  • The game is present at all levels – Football is played with the same level of enthusiasm both at the club as well as the international stage. The audience of the game can easily identify clubs as well as teams that can perform optimally and that helps in building up interest for the game. People can identify the clubs and leagues easily and that helps in adding to the excitement. No other sport has such a strong presence at all levels than football and therefore, it is a major reason for the runaway success of FIFA.
  • Large number of teams and leagues availability – FIFA has a large number of teams and leagues that are available for users. It has a large range of almost all the prestigious football leagues, including the English Premier League, Spanish League, German League, French League, Italian League, and a lot more. With large scale licensing being in place, real player names are used in the game that makes it very interesting for users. With so many leagues being available at one place, there is a large array of known players that can be chosen and major names can easily play for a team. With star power added, the excitement quotient of any user gets doubled up.
  • Skill level of players – FIFA has introduced the concept of skill level with its OVR ratings. Therefore, a player with a skill level of 90 will definitely be better than one having a skill level of say, 70. Moreover, with AI being in place, this difference becomes all the more perceptible and a higher-rated player is more likely to perform better than a lower-ranked one. With the different features also being there, the skill level of players may matter a lot. It is a very noticeable difference and has helped a lot of users to enjoy the game in a more pleasurable manner.
  • State-of-the-art sophisticated technology – FIFA has made use of sophisticated technology like the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and highly-evolved algorithm and programming. Even the body balance of players and the amount of pressure that is exerted on the ball is factored in its programming so that users can have real-life experience with ease. A number of advanced features like the Active Touch System, Dynamic Tactics, Timed Finishing, etc. provide it with an awesome feel so that users can get a reality-type experience while playing the game.
  • More role for managers and different types of modes – FIFA can be played in a large variety of gaming modes like the Pro Club, FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team), Kick-Off, Tournaments, Career Mode, etc. Therefore, the game can be enjoyed in a number of ways and it is not important that a full-fledged stadium match is played all the time. Even friends or online acquaintances can play the game with each other with a set number of players less than 11.

The game also lays adequate emphasis on the role of managers and how the person can help in building up a robust team. Users who like to plan or strategize teams can take part as a manager and build up a successful team that can be quite satisfying.

All these reasons contribute in part towards making FIFA as popular as it is today. The game is breaking new grounds every day and with the latest release around the corner, the excitement level for the game is only expected to grow a few notches more.

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