Why Should IT Organisations Choose Managed Dedicated Hosting?

There are many options for web hosting services, including shared hosting, Dedicated Hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting. Dedicated Server hosting is a powerful hosting option since your website is the sole resident of the server.

When you buy a Dedicated Hosting plan, you can choose from various options, including Windows and Linux Dedicated Servers, HDD and SSD Dedicated Servers, and Unmanaged and Managed Dedicated Servers.

When you buy a Managed Server in India, the hosting provider stores your website on a powerful Dedicated Server. The host assigns a technical team to help you with server administration and management. A Dedicated Server allows you to change the hosting environment and create a customised space for your website.

It offers full root access allowing you to make administrative changes to the server. This is a responsible task since even a tiny error can result in performance issues or server crashes, as it requires technical expertise and time.

If you opt for a Fully Managed Dedicated Server, the technical team helps you with regular server management tasks and customisation.

This assistance helps make the process of running and managing the server accessible. This article will discuss Dedicated Servers Managed Hosting plans and why IT organisations should opt for them.

1.     Excellent Security

When buying a Dedicated Server, you must run various server administration tasks. These include tasks about site security. You must run server scans to check for vulnerabilities and take corrective measures before they are exploited.

It can also help you identify viruses and malware and remove them before they cause damage. With managed hosting, the technical team helps you with all these tasks and boosts the server’s security.

2.     Better Uptimes

One of the most crucial aspects of managing a web server is running maintenance tasks. Many of these tasks require the server to be pulled down. Unfortunately, you cannot control when it is pulled down for maintenance on a shared server.

However, with a Dedicated Server, you can schedule these downtimes based on when your site receives minor traffic. With managed Dedicated Hosting, the technical expert handles such downtimes efficiently.

3.     Improved resource management

The power of a Dedicated Server is limited to the resources available. Hence, if you exhaust the hosting resources of the server, then you need to add hardware to get more web hosting resources, which results in increased cost and downtime.

With managed Dedicated Hosting, the technical team closely monitors utilising resources and recommends increasing resources before the site’s performance is impacted.

4.     Customisation Assistance

A Dedicated Server allows you to create a customised environment tailored to your site’s needs. This customisation means that you can make configuration changes and install any application.

However, this will require you to be technically proficient, as a minor error can cause performance issues and server crashes.

The technical team assigned to your account with managed hosting helps you with customisation tasks to ensure minimal impact on the server’s performance.

Summing Up

A Managed Dedicated Server Hosting plan is costlier than an unmanaged plan. However, having a technical team help you with server administration and management tasks has many benefits.

While IT organisations have technical professionals working, spending time and effort in server management tasks can be avoided by opting for a Managed Dedicated Server Hosting plan.

Before buying the plan, assess your hosting requirements, compare providers and plans, and find the best Dedicated Hosting plan for your site. Good Luck!