WMV Files Is No More A Headache For MAC Users

Are you stuck with WMV files? Do you find WMV files hard to play on your Mac? The solution to this is simple and swift. WMV is an advanced system format video container format which contains multimedia content.

Today we will be enlisting the steps on how to play WMV files on Mac. It is for a new Mac user. Most of the Mac user faces problem in playing all the videos which were on windows operating system. Many people make videos using windows live movie maker in WMV format. As windows live movie maker plays and exports the content in WMV format. For all the users who have been shifted from windows operating system through Mac or new user of mac faces this issue.

Before diving straight into the compatible apps that you may download on your Mac to play WMV files, first know that what is a WMV file and how can we make it compatible with our Mac.

What is a WMV file?

WMV file is one of the most popular video files which is encoded in WMV format. Now, WMV format is a video format from Windows Media Player. As this file is compatible with windows operating system, it will not work on Mac. Being a mainstream video file format, it is widely accepted on every video player platform.

Why it is so popular?

The main reason behind the popularity of WMV files lies in the size of the content. They have relatively smaller file sizes, while still maintaining high quality, so it is very easy to stream with a good watching experience.

Steps to open WMV files on Mac

There’s a whole list of WMV player which you can download from the app store for Mac which you can use to open WMV files. Here goes the list:

VLC Media player

The VLC media player is a multimedia player known for its robust compatibility mechanism. Supports every video format like MKV, MP4, WebM, MP3, and many more. This media player mechanism is independent of the platform. This will provide effective results for those who want to access any type of WMV file. This is one of the popular platforms that can help you to get access to all WMV files fluently.

  • MPlayerX 

This is among the best tools that can help you to get access to all types of WMV files in your mac devices. It is quite similar to the VLC media player. Apart from some of the features, this tool constitutes al the relevant codecs and packages that can help to make it operational. This tool helps the user to get access to the WMV files by those features which are innovative enough. Those features are pinch, tap, or swipe to control the playback that enables you to get minimal stress for remembering the hotkeys.

These are effective ways that can help you to get access to all types of WMV files. If you want any other information, then you can get them by visiting opt for these options and enjoy seamlessly.