2020 Best WhatsApp Spy Software – TheOneSpy Review

TheOneSpy is a cell phone monitoring app for android mobile phones and tablets. It is one of the most advanced, feature-rich and inexpensive apps letting user to track and operate a smartphone device without access. It is intended for parents and employers to watch out the digital behavior of children and working staff. The app has been gaining immense popularity among users due to its high-tech feature of social media monitoring. It enables the end-user to secretly and remotely track most popular social and instant messengers including WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat. The end-user of the android spy software can remotely supervise almost every WhatsApp activity of the concerned person. Read on to know what makes TheOneSpy the best WhatsApp spy software of 2020.

An Overview of WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is the most commonly used instant messaging app at the moment. Its popularity is credited to the app efficiency and feature-richness. It allows user to exchange text, photos, videos, stickers, emoticons, voice recordings, GPS location, documents and similar stuff. Moreover, the WhatsApp users can make audio and video calls to individuals and groups. It is very simple to create an account on WhatsApp. Download and install the instant messenger on your phone; provide a valid mobile phone number; enter WhatsApp code and start chatting with online fellows.

Role of TheOneSpy Android Monitoring App

TheOneSpy provides great support to parents and employers in supervising the online chats and instant messages of families and employees. The unsupervised mobile phone and internet use can expose kids to cyberbullying and child predation. The scoundrels make use of WhatsApp and similar communication and social media apps to access and victimize the target. Parents can protect their children from these online criminals by supervising kids’ chats with TheOneSpy.

One the other hand, the business persons can make use of the monitoring software to keep an eye on their workers’ communication. Using the surveillance app, they can ensure that their employees do not use WhatsApp or any other online platform to harass, humiliate, defame or demotivate co-workers. TheOneSpy lets them supervise online and offline chats of workers to prevent them from wrongdoings.

How to Monitor WhatsApp with TheOneSpy

To monitor WhatsApp and many other social media apps, communication apps and instant messaging apps, you need to get the android mobile phones of your concerned ones installed with TheOneSpy. Once you successfully install the app on the targeted device, the app gets access to chats saved on the phone. It includes but not limited to inward and outward SMS, MMS and instant messages. The app also allows supervising group chats as well as one-on-one messages and calls.The user can sign into the web portal of TheOneSpy to access thechats of the target. Read on to know the features of WhatsApp tracking app.

Read WhatsApp Text Messages

The monitoring solution for instant messengers allows the end-user to read text messages of the target. Parents can find out what messages their ids have received and transmitted. The employers can supervise WhatsApp chats of employees without accessing their devices. The app syncs all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages and uploads to the web portal. It also provides contact number of message senders and receivers.

Listen to WhatsApp Voice Messages

The high-tech parental control app also allows checking out voice messages and voice recordings exchanged by children. The end-user of the mobile spy software can listen to these verbal messages right from the online portal.

Track WhatsApp Call Logs

The WhatsApp surveillance software lets you track voice and video calls of your concerned ones. It syncs WhatsApp call logs and uploads the detail of incoming and outgoing calls to the web portal of TheOneSpy.

Retrieve WhatsApp Photos & Videos

Using the instant messenger, you can exchange photos and videos with your online buddies. The android tracking app enables parents to ensure that their kids do not share any objectionable media file with anyone. It provides access to WhatsApp images and videos saved on kid’s android device. It also allows retrieving deleted media files.

Record WhatsApp Screen

TheOneSpy allows capturing every single activity performed on the instant messenger with real-time or on-demand screen recording feature.It lets you capture WhatsApp statuses and friend-list as well.