The Games and Your Perfections in Winning Now

Not all video games at first glance seem intelligent or capable of giving benefits. Shoot or play war or what is it for? Violence is never the end, although obviously some kids may perceive inputs incorrectly. In the choice of titles more or less suitable according to age, Pegi (Pan European Game Information) is a classification that can help parents make informed choices. But is it enough to sleep soundly? Not entirely.

The Right Choices

Because the other side of the coin of playing video games are more or less serious game addictions, also studied in a recent research by the University of School of Medicine. In this research there have been cases of young people who, after playing, are very distracted and have difficulty controlling the impulses, or develop forms of autism and neuropsychiatric disorders. These are also serious behavioral problems originating from digital technology. It is no coincidence that they have also been addressed by the World Health Organization (WHO). With dota 2 mmr boosting  you can find the best deal now.

Playing video games obsessively online or alone according to experts may indicate a problem. Gambling can be addictive and addictive and could become a pathology to cure. But what are the limits that a player should not exceed? Science in this regard is not in agreement, politicians even less. New digital media, like all inventions in general, create lifestyles that evolve with society. When you mix ethics, commercial factors and social behaviors, you just have to rely on DIY, trying to use your head. The problem is that virtual and real are increasingly confused.

Gamification social trend

Gamification is the social trend that brings the same sense of protagonism to video games in the real world and will play an increasingly important role in the society of the future for a marketing based on involvement and fun. What does it mean? Games have always been present in human history, but the key word of video games is interactive use. It is a path defined by various game sessions that respond to different levels of difficulty involving the person by adding scores.

The meaning of Gamification starts from here, as a science capable of creating that type of participation and fun even in everyday life and which is increasingly developing in the corporate, social and digital marketing fields. Playing with social gaming is becoming an increasingly widespread phenomenon thanks to smartphones and tablets always connected to the network and to Facebook, the main gateway to online games that involves millions of people all over the world.


It is not even a question of playing video games in a habitual way , but of Facebook and social network users who, in addition to sharing experiences with other users and friends, have also discovered the possibility of playing together and making their gaming skills known to others. Precisely for this reason, the integration of gaming with social networks has represented an epochal change for the online gaming industry, which has hurried to produce downloadable applications on mobile phones, smart phones and tablets for all tastes.