Feature of the Arira 10SOM and its specifications

If we see in any area, then we find that everywhere there are the computer systems with the help of them they can do their work. There is no shop or any company, where the computer systems are not used. Everyone needs a computer system for their work and to manage their business, that’s why they need for the nest processor is increased. So, that people can work with ease and do their work with more compatibility. And that’s the reason that Arira 10 SOM is best for the new needs of the customers. You can also look for more features of it, by searching about it.

About the customer service of Reflex CES

If you need any product from the Reflex CES then you can search about them on the internet as well as make contact with them on their website. On their website, you can find the contact number and mail address on which you can contact them. Even if you have any query about the product or the hardware then you can ask them questions freely. Their customer support team will give all the answers to your questions. They also give you the example of the product in working condition, so you can satisfy with your queries and get the best answer.

Specifications of the Arira 10 som

Arira 10 SOM provides numerous and several of the interfaces and it all provides according to users’ needs. It offers primary interfaces such as the FMC connectors, I2C and USB links, DDR4 memory, JTAG connectivity, Ethernet interface. They all work in the field so that the users can do their work with more ease and find compatibility in their work.

Even they are also delivering their board all the suitable design rules, for the development of the customer application carrier board. According to the needs of the customers, Arria 10 SOM by Reflex CES provides online technical support, schematics, and also a one-year warranty on the hardware products.

Contact with the sales team

You can also contact the sales team, they will suggest the best hardware that is suitable for your needs and you can also feel easy to work with it. You can also see that the FPGA boards are specially sized and rich in features that are based on our customer requirements. They work according to their customer’s need so that they can get the thing that they want and don’t face any issue to work freely.

Benefits of using the Arira 10 SOM

They provide the System-on-module which is perfectly suitable for the embedded and industrial markets. The Arira 10 SOM is based on the Arira 10 SoC FPGA system-on-module which is used for the development kits for prototyping and application boards for the production volumes. One can find many of the qualities in the Arira 10 SOM and use it for their work with ease. This is the best work for the CPU and gives better performance for it. It gives flexibility and a better programming CPU environment with the reconfigurability and parallel processing power of an FPGA.