Industry-Standard Tower Servers: The Dell PowerEdge Series

Dell has been an old player in the field of technology and networking components. From ‘EMC Switches’ to ‘Tower Servers’, it has even more of them. What makes the products more appreciable is the brand name of Dell. The company has become a reliable name in the industry for customers.

If you are looking for some of the most-chosen tower servers for your business, you can go with Dell. Their PowerEdge series has some of the best tower servers, which can give optimum outputs. The tower servers are easily manageable, trustworthy and swiftly connectable for bringing fast results.

Go and check out below, the specs of two of the popular tower servers to decide which one to buy.

The Mighty Dell PowerEdge T340 Has Increased Performance

The model SNST3404 of the PowerEdge series enables you to collaborate and grow with your business. It has an improved performance to offer, which is an upgrade from the last version. You can now get 100% more cores for better performance, thanks to the Intel processor inside. Day-to-day works might seem smooth with an 11% boost in-memory speed and 20% extra PCIe lanes. 

The Dell PowerEdge T340 Offers Industry-Leading Specs

Take a look at the SNST3406 of Dell’s PowerEdge series, you will get to see industry-leading hardware. The product has 3.5 chassis with slots for eight hot-plug hard drives. Powered by powerful Intel processors, you can get up to 8 GB of DDR4 RAM inside. Talking about Hard Disk space, the SNST3406 hails a 7.2K RPM, 12 Gbps hot-plug HDD. Coupled with the DDR4 RAM, you can expect to get top-notch performance from this tower server. 

Erase Your Security Concerns With Dell Tower Servers

Keep your data and info secured with the advanced cyber-resilient architecture of the tower servers. You can deliver the right data to your customers when you need them and delete or erase them as securely as possible. 

Just as said earlier, the SNST3406 also keeps in mind about your security concerns. Embrace the Lockdown Mode of the iDRAC9 Enterprise Server, which can guard your server from unauthorized malicious changes. 

With software RAID, your data gets automatically saved, thus eradicating the fear of losing unsaved data. Moreover, cryptographically signed firmware packages guarantee your safety with the Safety Boot option available too.

If you are looking forward to developing your business by installing tower servers, then Dell is your best pick.