4 Best Toner And Inkjet Cartridges For Economical Printing

Inkjet cartridges are basically ink-based refills and toner cartridges contain a powdery substance for laser printers – the toner converts into print on paper when heated with electricity. Both types have their own unique advantages and the guide below is a compilation of 4 such best items that can be purchased at at the lowest rates possible. 

  1. Canon 128 3500B001AA Compatible Black Toner Cartridge – Moustache®

This high-quality standard-yield black toner cartridge is compatible with Canon – Fax Series and Canon ImageClass Series. It has many other noteworthy features like;

  • 1 cartridge can print 2100 pages @ 1.1 cent(s)/ page. 
  • It has a shelf life of 24 months.
  • It has the same amount of ink as its OEM counterparts.
  • It offers high-quality smudge-free print on paper.
  1. Compatible HP 201X Toner Cartridge Combo High Yield BK/C/M/Y – Moustache®

This is a color toner cartridge available in black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. Some of its best features are listed below.

  • It offers compatibility with HP – Laserjet Series.
  • The toner quality is just as good as its OEM counterpart.
  • It has a high yield of 2800 pages in black and 2300 pages in color.
  • It lasts for 24 months from the date of manufacture.
  • The toner doesn’t decay or deteriorate if left inside the printer.
  • The images are clear and neat and smudge-proof. 
  • The image dries as soon as it is printed on the paper.
  1. Canon PG245XL 8278B001 Original Black Ink Cartridge High Yield

This is an OEM Canon inkjet cartridge in black and is compatible with the Canon – PIXMA Series. Some of its stunning features are listed below.

  • The premium-quality ink is highly pigmented.
  • The edges of the letters and images are bold and smudge-proof. 
  • It offers a high yield of 300 pages @ 10 cent(s)/page.
  • The cartridge can last for 2 years in a good condition from the date of manufacture.
  1. Epson 220 T220XL320 Compatible Magenta Ink Cartridge High Yield – Moustache®

This is a high-yield inkjet cartridge with magenta ink. It is compatible with Epson – Expression Series and Epson Workforce Series. It has the following mind-blasting features that you must know about.

  • The ink lasts for as long as that of its OEM counterpart.
  • The print is crystal clear and the ink is highly pigmented.
  • The cartridge can last for 24 months.
  • One cartridge can print 450 pages @ 2.2 cent(s)/page.