7 ICO Marketing Mistakes That Will Drain Your Money

As we already know about the whole concept to create a Cryptocurrency so this is the time for us to go further with this whole thing. No matter if you want to raise funds for your company or you just want to earn a little more but this platform would surely help you out. There are some mistakes as well that ICO marketer does that can drain the money that you need to know about:

Considering it to be a side work:

This is of course an additional source of income but this platform has the potential to get you more money than your actual jog gets you. If you don’t put on efforts then you would end up losing your money here. Most people don’t try to give this platform time and this has to be the biggest mistake that people do.

No planning at all:

Most people are unaware of this work or platform so they just jump into it with the least knowledge which drains the money. Here you need to step in only if you have good planning for the work otherwise you should skip the platform.

Branding with no sense:

If you have a branding that often people could not understand then you would face a major problem. There is no point in branding that you have to make people understand. The branding needs to be effective for people to understand it.

Inactiveness in social media platforms:

If you are not that active in social media then this work is not for you. Being inactive in social media would get you a hard time in getting successful if you are willing to Cryptocurrency. The only solution here is to be active on almost all social media platforms.

Not looking forward to any feedback:

If you would not know about your work then nothing would help you out. You should be consistent with the feedback. Even if you are not getting any as such progress then also working on the feedbacks would help you a lot in this platform.

Acceptance of the change:

As you know this is a new platform so most people are no aware of this platform. For many people, this is a completely different platform. If you would not be able to accept the changes then you would not be able to remain here.

Not budget for the investment:

This has to be the main issue here and this would ruin your career in this platform if you would not be careful. If you don’t have any budget then you should not create a Cryptocurrency as things would not go good in this way.