Benefits of Automated Teller Machine on a Retail Business Premises


Implementing an ATM or automated teller machine in your retail business is the simplest way to increase your brand’s awareness, translating into higher sales than before. The main idea is to provide a cash machine, and your customers will think of your business as a perfect place to access their bank accounts.

The best way to learn more about ATM industry association is by entering here for additional info. Over time, some customers will start to spend cash and make more purchases. Whether you wish to buy or lease, it does not matter because the placement will positively affect your business.

The Advantages

According to industry statistics, between three and five percent of your customers will use an automated teller machine when you implement it. At the same time, more than 170 million cardholders in the US are more likely to become your customers and spend more when you have a machine in your store.

Those are leads and potential customers you wish to reach, so renting an ATM for your business can help you boost brand awareness. More than ninety percent of all transactions are cash withdrawals, while the average is sixty dollars.

Leasing can be highly beneficial to your business since it will provide you with an affordable solution and additional revenue. An average machine can process more than nine hundred transactions in a convenience store. Each transaction will ensure the income for your business.

As soon as you choose an ATM, you can apply the surcharge revenue to monthly payments for leasing. This strategy will eliminate the need for expenses, which will provide you an additional income. You can order ATM machines and find the ones that will meet your needs.

A few studies have shown that an ATM can boost business sales, which will increase by twenty percent. Having a retail location that dispenses twenty-dollar bills, you can expect an increase in sales. Customers who will visit your store for ATM purposes will continue to do it and make a purchase at a specific moment.

They will spend at least twenty-five percent of the cash they withdraw, which is vital to remember. With an agreement, you will get the convenience of taking advantage of payments you can spread out in a few years. Lease payments are 100% tax-deductible. It is an affordable venture that will cost between fifty and a hundred and twenty per month.

When you decide to lease an ATM, you do not have an upfront expense, which is perfect for businesses with a limited budget. Companies will offer you a chance to purchase it at the end of the lease. If you wish to qualify for a lease agreement, you can submit a financial information and business strategy.

Taking advantage of a short-term lease is a perfect opportunity to test drive before buying. Regular maintenance and repair of your ATM, you can cover with lease agreements. Apart from that, you can reduce the number of credit cards and checks. That way, they will save money exponentially.

In the retail world, cash is essential, while implementing an automated teller machine is a tool to access it. You can do it without down payment while financing it entirely when you lease an ATM. Of course, you must handle maintenance, installation, and delivery expenses.

The Disadvantages

Leasing comes with certain risks, mainly if you operate in areas with low traffic. At the same time, numerous frauds can happen, such as card traps and skimming, so you should get the latest model with proper security. These acts occur in areas with no staff nearby, which is essential to remember.

Leasing is not a wise choice, especially if you do not own a property where you wish to place it, mainly due to liability purposes. An ATM on your owned or rented property will make your business a target for criminals who want to steal withdrawn cash or damaged machine easily.

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Suppose you own a large business. In that case, you can afford to purchase and invest in an ATM. You will have additional control, an annual service schedule, and surcharge expenses as an owner. Apart from that, the installation is tax-deductible, which is vital to remember.