Self-Employed Business Economists: Simply Advertise With Your Good Name!

Do you have a personal dream? Then your own website, with which you can draw potential customers’ attention to your service, is of course an absolute must. In the following we will show you how you can not only easily get to your own website, but also how to get a catchy name for your website!

The first steps in the new independence: It is important to note!

If you want to start your own business with a degree in business administration, you of course first must consider and plan all sorts of things. Registration of your business with the municipal business registration office, the tax office and possibly also with the commercial register is mandatory. You also must clarify whether you want to work from home or rent a shop. Once the organizational and legal steps have been taken, the next thing you should focus on is your potential clientele. After all, they should become aware of you as an independent service provider! An essential step for this is to set up your own website where you can present yourself and your areas of work in detail.

Your domain is the flagship of your internet presence.

For your website to be noticed by internet users in the search engines and in online advertisements, you of course need a strong name for your business online address. This can be made up of your name and your job title, for example, or it can also contain a striking term related to your job. You also have a certain leeway when it comes to the domain ending, would you prefer a .de, .com or one of the many other possible endings? Once you have found a page name that suits you, you need to register the name as your domain. After the domain registration, you can then connect the so-called top-level domain to your website.

Without IT knowledge to a professional web address

Of course, not all of us are born IT professionals. So, it is not surprising that many young entrepreneurs commission a professional web agency with the design of their own website and the handling of all associated formalities. But especially in the beginning of self-employment, you often must keep your money together a little. In this case, setting up a professional website including domain registration via a reliable web hosting provider can be worthwhile. Many web hosting companies offer their customers a comprehensive all-round service that includes an easy-to-install web presence and a personal domain in the package price.

Competent and free help in finding an expressive domain name.

Unfortunately, finding a strong name for your own company website is not always as easy as it sounds at first. If you cannot come up with a memorable name yourself, you can simply try a name generator in this case. The free online tool then searches for the new entrepreneur for domain names that are still available on the Internet based on some of the terms he has specified. The suggestions are presented to the searcher in a list within seconds. Once the right business names have been found for the new website, it can then be registered directly with the responsible domain administration office.