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No player in the gaming era wants to playany game alone.  He or she would always have the zinc of competition in themselves so that they have that adrenaline rush in them to not only beat other’s scores but also beat one’s own score to record for the best.

If the player is new to coin master, he or she can play as a guest or join in the game through the Facebook account to get a hold of the gaming experience of this particular game. The main aim of the website would be attracting the player from the guest mode to a trustworthy member of the game.

Now there can be certain glitches if a user is playing the game as a guest.

What is the problem to play as a guest mode?

The player can enjoy all the features of the game through a guest mode except to play with their friends. If the player wants to play with his or her friends then he or she has to connect with their Facebook account with coin.

How to connect the game with Facebook?

When the user opens the game, it will ask the mode to the user, either guest mode or Facebook Login. The user has to click on Facebook Login button and the game, coin master will take permission from the user to show its friends in the game. After giving permission, the user’s account is successfully connected with Facebook and now the player can enjoy the gameplay of coin master with his or her Facebook friends.

Benefits of connecting with Facebook –

The benefit of connecting the game with Facebook is that the player can save the game in process and carry on playing the same game with his or her friends.

The free spins and free coins link for the game coin master is one of the most promotional links for a game like coin master.  It allows the users playing the game or in-game money or gifts. This serves as an eye candy for the user and he or she intends to invest it’s time more in the game which not only helps the player earn more rewards or gifts or money in that case but also serves as a promotional benefits  the game, earn the points which helps the game become the third grossing online game in the UK.

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