The CSGO Ranking and More for You

Today, we will talk about how to increase Ranks in CSGO and it will definitely be useful to you. FPS is becoming an increasingly important feature for games every year and, in order to understand how to increase this feature in CSGO, you should know the reasons for drawdown even on powerful computers. So follow the instructions and enjoy the smooth. You can get fast cs go boosting at here now.

FPS depends on the configuration and configuration of the PC (which programs you use, tuning the performance of the video card).

How to maximize FPS in CSGO

Before writing a guide, we studied in detail how professional e-sportsmen cope with this issue, we probably reread the entire REDDIT and only after that we published a simple guide on how to increase fps in CSGO.

Important notes:

We did not add any info about special software, any FPS accelerators and other software, as we consider this superfluous.

My recommendations will definitely not harm your PC and will help improve game performance and increase average FPS.

Reinstall Windows

First of all, to improve PC performance in the CSGO game, you must reinstall Windows. Active processes and startup processes are one of the most influential factors on FPS. The longer you work in the OS, the more active processes on Windows. So, if you have not reinstalled Windows for a long time, do it.

After reinstalling, your computer by itself will work much faster. Let’s move on to the next step in answering the question of how to increase FPS in CSGO.

Setting up a graphics card for CSGO

Setting up a video card is one of the most important elements for a cool FPS. If you just installed Windows, then update the driver (links will be lower), if you did not reinstall it, then go directly to the settings (next subheading).

The next step is to set up the two most popular vidyuh brands Nvidia and Radeon (AMD):

Configuring Nvidia Graphics Card for CSGO

Setting up a video card is a very important section, which is important to understand in order to answer the question of how to increase FPS in CSGO.

First go to the Nvidia control panel. To do this, simply right-click on an empty spot on the computer desktop and select the desired section in the menu.

Nvidia Control Panel

Next, click on Adjust image settings with viewing. Go to User Preferences with an emphasis on: and twist Performance to the maximum.

How to increase FPS in CSGO

Next, click on 3D Parameter Management and turn off FXAA Smoothing.

Parameter Management

In the same list Texture Filtering – Quality – Unscrew to high performance.

Texture filtering

Configuring the Radeon graphics card for CSGO (AMD)

Note: all settings will be in English, but in principle, it should be intuitive to you how to increase fps in CSGO by setting up an AMD graphics card.

Right click on the desktop and open AMD Radeon Settings. Go to Gaming and select Global Settings. Then adjust the settings as you see on the screen.