Green Flashlight Reviews – Top 4 Pick Products for Hunting

When it comes to the discussion of the best lights for hunting, professional hunters would agree that a green flashlight should be placed on the top list. With the more people realize the importance of the tool, there are many products that you can find in the market now. However, it makes the selection process a bit trickier. This following page will show the best green flashlight products for hunting.

#1. Nitecore P30

This is a simple green light with a beam distance that can reach 676 yards. With its long-distance “throw”, Nitecore P30 will be ideal for hunters to catch their targeted animals at night. The high scope mounting of the tool can produce high clearance and mounts on 30mm or 1-inch scopes. You will get a charger and the rechargeable batteries with the shelf hours up to 680 hours that are included in the tool kit. The flashlight has a 2-inches diameter and 5.57-inches long. Meanwhile, the total weight of the device is 5.83 ounces. There will be a green filter feature to allow you to increase the night contrast to spot games with a darker color.

#2. Ultrafire XP-E2

The next best green flashlight for hunting in the list is Ultrafire XP-E2. With a relatively low-cost product, you can get a flashlight with the best features you can expect. Ultrafire XP-E2 comes with a 3-piece green light package that can be operated in a single-mode easily. It is an anodized flashlight made of aviation-grade aluminum. The materials used make it possible for you to get not a durable product but also waterproof, scratch, and impact. This Ultrafire XP-E2 offers a lighting distance of up to 256 yards. It also has 100% pure green light that will provide you with high clarity.

#3. Orion H30

Orion H30 can provide you with lighting distance that reaches 273 yards. With the long-distance lighting offered, you will be able to make sure that your targeted animals can’t get too close to you, improving your safety. This green flashlight has a relatively long battery life. You can even use Orion H30 for continual use up to 4 hours at a minimum. You will also find it very easy to mount it on various weapons. The device is also specially designed to withstand impact, making it durable, waterproof, and tough. All the features provided make Orion one of the best green lights you can find in the market for hunting purposes.

#4. Windfire WF802

Another best green flashlight you can use for hunting on the list is Windfire WF802. This is an all-in package product that will make your hunting activities more fun. It is a durable flashlight with a package that consists of two sets of the charger and the rechargeable batteries. This green light device is made of high-quality plastic that can be mounted on torches, weapons, or scope simply with a single securing knob easily. Windfire WF802 can give you a clear view from a distance as far as 250-300 yards. You will find it easy to see through your targeted animals and your surroundings on the darker nights.