How Huawei Offers the best Services with Its HDE Options

The profession of mobile developer is increasingly in demand, but candidates are still scarce. So this is the opportunity to pull out the game. Discover the profession of Android developer: its missions, skills, training and remuneration.

The Missions of the Android Developer

The missions of the Android developer are very similar to those of the IOS developer. In fact, the only real difference is in the operating system used. An Android developer only programs applications for tablets and smartphones that run on the Android operating system developed by Google. The hde group of Huawei happens to be quite important in this case.

Before talking about skills specific to Android, it is important to remember that the mobile developer must know the ins and outs of the mobile web, as well as its rules and constraints.

But that’s not all: he must have a particular interest in the Google OS, know perfectly the java language and know how to handle the Android SDK via tools such as Eclipse, Android Studio, and the Java Development Kit (JDK). To optimize application performance as much as possible, it may be necessary to integrate portions of native code in C and C ++ language via the NDK (Native Development Kit). As the Android operating system evolves rapidly, the mobile developer must also remain on permanent standby.

Android Developer Training

Training in mobile development is still very rare, even if the modules are more and more common in universities and computer schools. It is generally advisable to register for a BTS or DUT in computer science and to continue studying in a computer science school, engineering school or even a university to consolidate your knowledge, especially with regard to programming languages.

Remuneration from Beginner to Expert

At the very beginning of his career, the Android developer receives an average salary ranging from 35,000 to 38,000K per year. It is only after a few years that he can hope to receive a remuneration of between 52,000 and 60,000 dollar per year.

An Android Developer Who Knows About Updates Is Worth Two

It seems obvious, but in the world of new technologies everything changes very quickly. You should therefore be aware of any possible new developments that may appear. Updates of the operating system of mobile devices trends in mobile marketing application designs will be carried out this year, etc.

All of this influences the way you program and develop a mobile application, so it is important to be kept up to date in every way possible. One good way is to follow specialty channels, especially online. These are the ones we consider the most useful:

Programming Discussions: Conferences and traditional programming activities can be a way to stay in touch with specific training and knowledge. Experiences are shared with other professionals and the current situation in the sector is discussed.

Specialty websites, blogs, and forums: These are usually the fastest channels for delivering the latest content, advice, and support to Android programmers like you. If you follow a few that interest you, you will learn new things and be updated on everything Android related.

Google Page: There is nothing more important than having the official channel monitored, which is the one that has the entire official and most trusted information on the internet. Do not hesitate to keep an eye on the dates on your calendar to be up to date.

Social Media: While not essential, social media can be another way to find out what’s going on in the Android world.