How to manage your JioFi dongle?

 The JioFi dongle will provides the advantage of many places and used to connect with one and other. It simple and easy to use for everyone and it can be connected with just a simple click on the router.

If you are a happy owner of the JioFi dongle, you might need to adjust settings at some point in time. And it’s actually very easy to do since the developer has made sure that all settings can be changed right from your browser’s window.

What to do in order to adjust settings?

You need to go to JioDongle.Local.Html where all the changes can be made.

There, you’ll need to log into the system using your username and password.

Then you will be able to change the password and use the SD card in order to share documents with other users via the WiFi network.

And, in addition, you will able to adjust lots of others settings for your gadget, including the following:

Settings for your gadget

Security type is used in order to protect your connection to the network

Type of encryption and channel mode

Make sure that after you are done with the adjustments you click on the Apply button. Otherwise, the settings will not be save.

JioFi is a personal hotspot device that can accommodate Smartphone to access everything faster. It gives outstanding benefits and it let users manage the JioFi using Dongle. It has decreased user that let them focus on same time. It includes best option that has to manage your password and Wifi name. Hence, you have to follow the correct steps to manage the JioFi using Dongle users. 

By this You have to connect your device to JioFi and you can browser at a same time. It can change the password and SSID name as per your wish.