How to run a profitable machine shop

Many advanced machining operations, including ours, collect and analyze process control and quality data from networked CNC machines.

Every day in machine shops across America, drill presses, lathes and milling machines are cutting and grinding metal into precisely the right shape. Innovations in additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, have reduced the costs and time associated with custom tooling Instead of outsourcing these duties to a third-party, many shops, including smaller operations, have transitioned to in-house tooling production and refurbishment. Though multi-axis CNC machines are expensive, clients are expecting shops to have them because they can cut down on the amount of labor required for some jobs, follow more complex designs and offer an improved finished product.

The Company’s primary services revolve around the sale of CNC machine tools and metrology business is operated out of a facility with a showroom for demonstrations and support,and comes with state-of-the-art equipment and six personnel with industry experience. This shop is one of the few machine shops who will take walk-in work or small, one-time jobs (which leads to more business opportunity). Current Owner is there since 2002,Prime Location in Monrovia, No competition, very Large clientele, very low overhead, most of the income is PURE Business does Repairs and Sales SHOES, BELTS,PURSES,BAGS,WATCHES, BANDS, LUGGAGES, BATTERIES, ORTHOPEDIC SHOES, KEY DUPLICATION and COLOR MATCHING, basically its a one stop shop.Equipments that come with the Business is as follows: (1-polish Machine, 2-Sawing Machine, 1-Nail Machine, 1-Cutting Machine, 1-Stretcher unit, 1-Key Cutting Machine, 3-jewelry Drills, 1-Oder Sanitizer, 1-Camera System, over $5000 Inventory) (All in all over $21200 in Inventory and Tools comes with the More info.

The 30×60 welding and fabrication shop includes 5 welding machines, iron worker, and enough hand tools to handle the toughest jobs. Having only basic equipment will limit the amount and type of work that a CNC machining business can do, but there’s enough basic work available to support a small shop that has only one or two machines. The numbers for foundries, machine shops, machining and machine tools continue to decline and beg the question of How can we ever have a manufacturing renaissance if we lose these critical industries?”

Therefore, it isn’t surprising that the average age of machine tools used by Top Shops is only 7 years versus 9 years for other shops, as leading shops either add new equipment to increase capacity or replace older machines with fresh models. While not all shops track this metric, more might start to, given the advancements in sensor and equipment monitoring technologies and application of concepts such as the Internet of Things and MTConnect (the Web-based manufacturing connectivity standard for gathering and sharing data from machine tools and other manufacturing equipment). In describing the sequence of steps to achieve in a takt, standardized work is a great tool to learn the proper sequence, and then spot problems in the way we currently do things (if we can’t get the job done with the target cycle time , if we don’t do the operations in the correct sequence, etc.); which then highlights the opportunities for kaizen In a machine shop or process flow environment, the issues are different, and the first question to solve is how to direct the attention of operators in large, complex and demanding areas.  Another very important part of running a machine shop is automation, is our choice for robotic xyz systems.

Last – but not least – defectives are often considered as normal” in process industries: every time tools are changed in a machine shop, or material is changed in a process shop, some parts and some product is considered defective for setting” purposes. The rise of machine shops and their specific manufacturing and organizational problems triggered the early job shop management pioneers, whose theories became known as scientific management One of the earliest publications in this field was Horace Lucian Arnold , who in 1896 wrote a first series of articles about “Modern Machine-Shop Economics.” 2 This work stretched out from production technology, production methods and factory lay out to time studies, production planning , and machine shop management. The company machines and fabricates metal and plastic parts for a variety of applications including, parts for production equipment, tooling, machined frames for production equipment, and miscellaneous parts.

Every CNC machine shop will use a different set of metrology tools, depending on the type, quantity and quality of work they do. The variety of available tools go a long way in determining the overall capabilities of the facility. The mandatory components of an auto machine shop equipment and supplies company business plan includes an executive summary, mission statement, strategic overview, financial plan, marketing plan and timetable.