It can be used in both cooling and heating processes. 

Another type of heat exchangers is plate heat exchangers. 

It disassembles of various kinds of thin, grooved plates bundled as a group. If you see each pair of plates organize a channel through which one liquid can flow as well as the pairs are shaped or attached via a lock, join, or welding.

So, that a second passing line is created between pairs into which the other liquid can flow within it easily. The regular plate design is also ready for use with some alternatives such as in plate-fin or pillow plate heat exchangers.

Plate fin exchangers make use of stabilizers or area between plates as well as allow for numerous flow arrangements as well as it has more than two liquid fluid cascades to pass through the device.

It is used to apply physical force to the plates to the growth of the heat transfer ability to cross the surface of the plate.

In this case, other types are also available in which consist of plate and frame, plate and shell as well as spiral plate heat exchangers.

The last one is condensers, evaporators as well as boilers. 

These are the other or last Industrial Equipment in which you make use of a two-phase heat transfer device. As we previously suggest during the heat transfer process in two-phase heat exchangers one or more liquid through a phase change either they can change a form of liquid into a gas or a gas into a liquid.

We already know that condensers are used for heat switch devices that can get heated gas or vapor as well as cool it to the point of compression. It can also change the gas or vapor into a liquid.

On the other hand the evaporators as well as boilers as used for the heat transfer process that can change the fluids from the liquid into a gas or vapor form.

Heat exchangers are occupied in a version of applications over a large range of industries. Therefore, there are different versions of heat exchangers available in the market.

All the exchangers are appropriate for the necessity as well as details of a particular application. There are a few version suggested above. Other types are also available. 

In which they include air-cooled heat exchangers, fan-cooled heat exchangers as well as adiabatic wheel heat exchangers.