Moona gives an all-around happy online shopping experience

Moona is a new UK-based online payment method founded this year by Christophe Nguyen. The payment method is not only new but has proved to be innovative. The focus of the company is to give both e-tailers and online shoppers a happy transaction experience when they pay or get paid using Moona.

Why Choose Moona ?

Online shoppers choose Moona as a payment method because they get an instant discount of 5 GBP for each purchase made using the payment method. Customers need to sign up and subscribe at The annual subscription costs only 29 GBP. They can shop at all the retail partners of the company and get 5 GBP discount when they check out and pay with Moona. There is no limit and they get a discount for the whole year. The payment method helps online shoppers earn more in savings in a year than the subscription paid to Moona.

Benefits of using Moona

  • Secure

Stripe is a technology that has proved to be one of the safest in the world. Stripe has inbuilt features that protect customers from becoming victims of fraud. uses Stripe payment technology to make sure that their subscribers are protected from being liable if card payments are fraudulent.

  • Happy Shopping Experience

The goal of is to give shoppers a happy shopping experience. They not only give a 5 GBP discount every time a purchase is made using Moona but also give many other convenient online shopping options including satisfaction guarantees, refunds, free returns, and cashback. The company is working to introduce a universal credit card to further enhance the shopping experience of subscribers.

  • Reliable

Moona is a new payment method. The innovative method used by has proved to be reliable both for online shoppers and e-tailers. The rates charged are competitive and the company’s customer service and technical support are available 24/7.
Online shopping portals attract customers by giving discounts. gives a guaranteed 5 GBP discount when shoppers use Moona to check out and pay at the portal. The attractive discount makes shoppers shop more often and add more products to their shopping carts.

  • Competitive Pricing charges an annual fee of 29 GBP for subscribers and gives a discount of 5GPB when they use Moona to pay for products. The subscription is economical compared to other payment methods. Currently, E-tailers can become partners of Moona for free.


Moona uses the latest technology to help merchants find shoppers from across the world. The e-commerce payment solution is designed to help its retail partners stay competitive both in the domestic and international markets. The goal of is to bring more sales for its partners and increase their profits.

Moona was founded on the values of focus, simplicity and, ambition. The company has simplified the way shoppers pay for products online. They are continuously giving shoppers and e-tail partners a better shopping experience. They are improving their services at a fast pace to ensure that both shoppers and e-tail partners enjoy the best available transaction experience.