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The significance of cPanel hosting and why should you use it

cPanel hosting as the name implies present as a web-based control panel, which is destined for managing windows as well as Linux based web hosts or servers. Such hosting is used for controlling the email addresses, databases, domain names, and various PHP versions. Thereof, it becomes quite simple to manage all kinds of hosted services. cPanel is present as a customizable control panel that successfully works and helps in overcoming several problems.

The reason behind the use of cPanel hosting is a straightforward interface that allows even the beginners to use it without any difficulty.

How to access the cPanel?

It would help if you had a web browser to get access to cPanel installation. Your hosting provider will give you the address of panels that you can use for performing different tasks. But, make sure you have a secure HTTPS connection to get secure access to cPanel.

Over the years, the experts are refining the cPanel interface and can be optimized by different web hosting companies.

Noted features of cPanel features

cPanel is acknowledged to have featured rich control panels. With this, you can do settings in your mail section for setting up new email accounts like managing mail lists, getting all email addresses, and many more. Let’s discuss some excellent features of cPanel hosting.

  • Simple installation process

The most lovable feature of cPanel is it’s easy to install advantage. For this, there is a requirement of 20 GB disk space and start running it on the system without wasting much time. You can enjoy a simple graphical interface once you install it in your computer and efficiently manage the daily tasks.

  • Highly compatible

With different browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari, you can use cPanel with ease. Not only this, but cPanel also supports third-party host required for creating dynamic websites.

  • Excellent portability

There are times when the business people have to move to some other host. Behind this, there are so many questions. cPanel is present as a portable solution that generally comes with superb movability.

  • Offer great performance

The online presence is a must for different companies. That’s why; it is essential to take control panel solutions that help you in gaining success and keep it running in any circumstances.


It is pretty clear that cPanel comes as a mature product used in many businesses. Most of the high profile hosting companies are using it to complete their work. When you click on https://certahosting.co.uk/cpanel-hosting/you can get a complete idea about cPanel hosting.