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When is the Right Time to Switch from a VPS to a Dedicated Server?

Switching a web hosting service is not a simple decision. There are many factors that need consideration like the impact on the performance of the website, cost, etc. If you are planning to migrate from a VPS Hosting plan to the best Dedicated Server Hosting plan, then cost is an important factor since the difference between the two is noticeable. Hence, you need to ensure that your website needs a Dedicated Server before making this decision. Today, we will share some scenarios that indicate that the time is right to move from a VPS to a Dedicated Server.

  1. Below-par site performance

VPS Hosting plans are available in many variants. Hence, if you are facing performance issues with your current VPS, you can look at plans with more resources or better VPS plans. You need to keep an eye open for performance issues like high resource usage and slow network, CPU spikes causing server crashes, etc. If you are already on the topmost VPS plan, then upgrading to a Dedicated Server setup is the next logical move.

  1. Optimum bandwidth utilization 

With a VPS, there are restrictions on space and bandwidth. Most VPS Hosting users experience degrading network performance if the site demands more output than the limits of the allotted bandwidth. With a Dedicated Server, there are no such restrictions, and you can optimally utilize the bandwidth of an entire server, ensuring maximum throughput.

  1. Better control

A VPS offers a Dedicated Server-like environment. However, there are certain control restrictions since your website is not the only one on the web server. With a Dedicated Server, you have more control over the OS and hardware too – something that a VPS restricts. You can make any changes to the hardware and have better control over the restrictions and security of the server. Also, complete administrative privileges with Dedicated Server gives you more opportunities for customization than with a VPS Server.

  1. Most Secure Hosting option

A VPS is more secure than many other hosting types since a virtual server is isolated and offers complete root access allowing you to install security tools based on your requirements. However, since several accounts occupy the same server, there is a possibility (albeit a small one) of a security threat. If you are handling highly sensitive data and run the risk of being targeted by seasoned cyber-criminals, then a Dedicated Server is a better option.

Dedicated Server Hosting offers a multitude of benefits, and any one of those can justify a move to a Dedicated Server. Let’s say that you run a large organization and need multiple virtual servers for different processes. In such a scenario, a Dedicated Server can be more cost-efficient.

Summing Up

Every website goes through growth stages and has different hosting requirements at different times. Even if your VPS plan was perfect for your site until now, it can outgrow the plan and need something better. Hence, it is important to assess the performance issues faced by your site and analyze the root cause. If the hosting type seems to be the issue, then upgrading makes complete sense. Ensure that you keep the hosting needs of your site in mind and adequately research the web hosting services before deciding. Good Luck!