Which Service Should You Use: SmugMug or Squarespace?

If you’re having trouble deciding between   Squarespace vs. Smugmug, read this comparison to learn more about their benefits and drawbacks. SmugMug is better suited to beginners who wish to build a cool portfolio for a low cost. Squarespace provides a lot of possibilities for building a full-fledged professional website that effectively showcases your projects.

What Is SmugMug and How Does It Work?

Photographers consider SmugMug to be one of the most popular photos hosting platforms. It was first released in 2002. The photography websites on SmugMug are similar to an online gallery. This method of portfolio organization allows you to present your photographs quickly and effortlessly. Aside from that, the costs are quite affordable. This site does not need you to sell your images. You can simply use it to promote your photography services or to share photo galleries.

What Is Squarespace and How Does It Work?

For photographers, Squarespace is a simple and easy-to-use website builder. It comes with current layouts and a plethora of e-commerce-specific functionality. Another significant advantage is that all website designs are fully compatible with mobile devices. With a 99.95% uptime, the platform is impressive. The service provides excellent customer service; however, it is slow to respond. When you purchase an annual subscription, you will receive a free domain, SSL, and WHOIS privacy. It’s worth mentioning, though, that the third choice is included in every plan.

Who Will Win Between SmugMug and Squarespace?

SmugMug and Squarespace both feature similar toolsets, but they were created for different types of specialists. For photographers who need to build a portfolio of their work, SmugMug is the finest option. This service has several useful customization options, which are especially useful for advanced users. Squarespace enables company owners to quickly create a beautiful online store, website, or blog.

Squarespace vs. SmugMug: Cost

SmugMug offers a wide range of pricing choices. You can try the service’s trial version for 14 days if you’re not sure if you need it. You can pay for any subscription plan available once the trial period has ended:

  • Basic ($50/year or $7/month) – a wonderful solution for individuals who need to construct a photo gallery;
  • Power – $85 a year or $11 per month – a good option if you wish to manage your photos more advanced;
  • Portfolio – $27 per month or $200 per year – ideal for selling photos;
  • Professional $360 per year or $42 per month Is the finest membership option for professional photographers who want to grow their business.

When you compared SmugMug and Squarespace, it is realized that the latter offers a 14-day free trial. Before picking a membership package, users can try out all of the features. There are four alternatives available. Two of them are ideal for website development, while the other two are ideal for individuals looking to start an online store.

  • Personal Plan – $12/month – ideal for one-on-one use; includes a comprehensive set of fundamental tools;
  • $18/month Business Plan – allows you to create a professional email and includes easy-to-use selling tools;
  • $26/month (basic) – ideal for online store entrepreneurs;
  • Advanced – $40/month – the finest option for growing your e-commerce business.