Why Do You Need LED Emergency Light Kit?



LED Emergency Light Kit are rechargeable battery-backed lighting sources programmed to illuminate your property when the main power supply goes off. They are equipped with emergency inverters. LED emergency lights switch to the in-built battery power source as soon as there is power goes off and offers uninterrupted lighting in the area where the LED Emergency Kit is installed.

The compact LED emergency lighting kit is perfect for corridors, also, it is useful for anywhere that requires a small, discrete unit. In modern commercial and residential property, the emergency led light kit is the compulsory requirement. Emergency led lights can be used in parking, hospital, hotel, school, library, art gallery, museum, office building shopping mall, supermarket, university, school, shopping mall, club, store, hotel, restaurant, outer or indoor wherever is needed.

The performance of emergency lighting is directly related to the safety of the people visiting the property. Emergency LED lights help you to continue your regular work during a power cut and it is required to illuminate building areas when things go wrong. Its purpose is to facilitate the evacuation of the facility, particularly in the event of a fire, and to reduce the tendency of occupants to panic under stress, and in the dark.

Where Is Emergency Escape Lighting Necessary?

If not all the places of the building, an emergency escape lighting system should at least cover the following areas:

  • Every Exit door of the area
  • Escape routes
  • Corridors and the intersection of corridors
  • Escape signs that help occupants to evacuate in case of emergency
  • Stairways so that no one is injured
  • Fire alarm call points
  • Toilet accommodation
  • Windowless rooms
  • Fire-fighting equipment
  • Equipment that would need to be shut down in an emergency so that it does not start operating after power is back
  • Lifts

The Function of Emergency Lighting


The function of Emergency Lighting is not just illuminating a building when the power goes off but the major role of emergency lighting is to illuminate key areas that are required in an emergency. People who visit the place for the first time should also be able to escape in case of an emergency. The major areas comprise:

Escape routes


Escape route lighting is the part of an emergency lighting system provided that is mandatory to enable the fast and safe evacuation of a building by illuminating its escape routes like corridors and stairways. In addition to this, lighting should be used to ensure that people are aware of any changes in direction. They should also be used to highlight hazards en route that might cause people to trip if they were not made clear. In the dark, when people are trying to leave the area, everyday obstacles can become extremely dangerous.

Firefighting Equipment and First-Aid Kits

Illuminating the firefighting equipment and first-aid kits with emergency lighting will allow staff or response personnel to save lives. Most building policy is that people should head to exit points without tackling fires, regardless of whether or not it seems safe to do so. However, illuminating firefighting and first aid equipment will be useful to response teams who enter the building to rescue the people stuck there. Fire extinguishers and safety equipment such as key boxes holding keys to emergency exit doors.

Open Areas, Aka ‘Anti-Panic’ Lighting


‘Anti-Panic’ lighting is not the same as standby lighting. When these lights are on, it is definitely not for business, these light intends that they illuminate large, open spaces, making people feel safe enough and not panic while they evacuate the building. By focusing on these lighting needs, you can ensure that your staff and other occupants of your property can escape in case of an emergency.