Why Facebook launched Spark AR studio

With Spark AR studio, Facebook tends to bring together imagination and reality in the same space. Augmented reality is the next big thing in multimedia communication. With the development of a variety of projects in the field of augmented reality, various possibilities are opened. If you are an entrepreneur and willing to enhance the business in media than you should be showing some interest in the augmented reality projects that are being initiated from time to time. There are thousands of augmented reality projects that are being initiated and bringing them under the same platform of communication is an essential task. Dan Zaitsev, Dmytro Zolotar and Sergey L. realised the importance of the same and found Catcher

Dan Zaitsev, Dmytro Zolotar and Sergey L. are founders of Catchar and they work on the idea to build a web-community for Spark AR creators where they can work together to create the best AR experiences. Currently, Catchar contains more than 1000 different Augmented and Mixed Reality projects including effects and filters for Instagram and Facebook. At Catcher you will find everything that is associated with augmented reality. You will come across the experts who can help you develop the project associated with augmented reality. Newer ideas are taking shapes at Catchar and you can join them and venture into the technical or the business prospects of the same. At Catcher you will also have some of the highly skilled experts who can materialize the idea and the concepts that you have been thinking off all these years.

Facebook is a company that has shown steady growth over the last few years. The reason they have grown as an established company is that they understand the trend of social networking. Over the last few years, several features are being modified on Facebook. Facebook and its technical team see the potential attention of users with the augmented reality feature. This made this company initiate a project that would be dedicated to the augmented reality. For the same reason, the company developed the Spark AR studio which would enhance the communication features of the social media site. The strategy used by Facebook for enhancing communication is futuristic. This can also help in understanding the impacts of augmented reality on the communication system. If you are an entrepreneur then this is one important progress in the world that you need to focus upon. Catcher is the place where you will get all the necessary devices, supports and professionals who would help you to initiate an AR project