Holiday Toy, Owleez

Owleez is the coolest flying owl, who is now available on major e-commerce sites. During the holidays, this year however, the holiday toy Owleez, is officially in stock on sites like Amazon, Walmart and Target. The newest flying toy, Owleez is now available also on pre-orders as well. 

Choices Available –

There are however, two options to choose from, the white Owleez and the pink Owleez, meanwhile, both of them being cute and adorable.

Who is Owleez ?

The Owleez is one of a kind flying bird that can be played along, cuddled and played like a drone all at the same time. These are baby owl toy that wait to get adopted and go to their owners.

Once you purchase them and take them home with you, your little ones will not only play with them but also learn the essence of nurturing and taking care of an animal, in this case, until they are able to fly. The more they are made to practice to flip and flap their wings, the faster they will learn how to ultimately flap their wings and take a flight finally. 

These cute owls responsive to touch, care and movement as a whole. A cute little ‘wee’ sound is heard when they are finally learnt how to fly and are ready to flap their wings for a great leap of flight. The owners or the individuals who have purchased them can pet, tickle and also make them dance. They can be fed with some berries that come along with every purchase made by the individual.

What Owleez Offers ?

The owl namely, Owleez offers a very adventurous and fun way to unbox itself. On unboxing, the little ones will get to see a box which has the owl itself, one food accessory, a quick-start guide, instruction guide and the owl’s own nest which is meant for its rest and getting itself recharged. The nest is the charging pad, it comes with a built-in-USB-Cord. The little ones can still play and pet Owleez while it is getting charged.

Thus, the best experience to have while playing with Owleez is its flying lessons. The buyer has to make sure that his or her hands are ready to catch the baby bird at the correct time of need while its still learning to fly. Meanwhile, it is built of durable material if crashed down.