Protect Your Electrical Wiring with Economical Cable Protectors

Protecting the electrical wiring of children, animals, pedestrians, and road traffic is important but can seem quite complicated. Rest assured, there are many economical and effective ways to protect your cables today.

For The House

One possible solution is to get a cheap cable protector. This small protector is pre-slit to facilitate the insertion of cables, small and flexible. In addition, there is also the range of wire mold protectors, which can be used on carpet or floor, also flexible and available in 4 different colors.

Our full range of small capacity cable protectors can be found on our website. These products will be very practical for hiding a dangerous cable that you often trip over, to protect them from being crushed, and to better organize your indoor space.

For The Office

To protect cables that are dangerously lying on the ground, many solutions are available. For example, we have the Safford cable protector, which is mainly used in offices. It is discreet, flat, economical, clings perfectly to carpets, can be washed, and is reusable. In addition, other very professional products such as ChordSavers that match parquet floors, Neoprene cable protectors, or even EVO line chrome cable protectors, for example, are also good to use.

For High Capacity Uses

Whether in commercial or industrial sectors, protecting cables from pedestrian or road traffic can represent a significant cost. You will find in our offer relatively inexpensive products, very robust and easy to install, which will allow you to protect large and many cables at the same time. All our heavy duty cable protectors are perfect for construction sites, shopping centers, festivals, concerts, conferences, in the television industry as well as in all situations where pedestrian and road traffic is incessant.