The work from home revolution of 2020

The work from home culture was a small part of the corporate domain but that has changed significantly in the recent past. With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting every part of our life, the work from home routine became necessary as the offices and work places across the world shut down on a massive scale. The working from your homes and remote places became the new normal and it sort of epitomized the year 2020. The mass scale of this mode of working for a good part of the year can be deemed as a revolution and even post pandemic, whenever that might be, it is likely that people will stick to the work from home culture. While there might be some drawbacks to this mode of functioning, there are also various advantages and benefits to be reaped from working from home.

The COVID-19 outbreak had an impact on so many different aspects of life and the corporate industry had to adjust drastically to keep the business operations moving. Before the pandemic, only 5% of the people worked from their home however after the onslaught of Coronavirus, this number rose significantly to 50% or more. The implications and the impact of this radical shift has been immense everywhere.

The impact of working from home

The shift to the work from home culture has impacted almost every industry in different ways and that has led to a number of changes everywhere. While there is no concrete evidence on work from home boosting the productivity levels, as the transformation happened all of sudden and people were not prepared or clued enough to make this transition smoothly. However the average output per person has not suffered as those working from home were prepared to put in longer shifts and working hours from home.

While people felt more comfortable and at ease working from home and avoiding all the travel or hassle of travelling, the novelty of this culture will eventually wear off with people missing human contact and the feeling of being part of the team. While it is proved that working from home has altered the global reality, the key lies in striking the right balance between working from home and going to the office for firing up the imagination.

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